Bell Street Drum Circle!

Come celebrate the Bell Street Drum Circle’s return to Santosha.Providence Drum Circle
Join us on the 1st Friday of the month!
7:30-10 pm
Cost: $10.00

The Bell Street Drum Circle, which was once Bell Street Chapel, returns to Santosha on the first Friday of each month.All ages and types of persons are welcome at this highly energetic and community promoted, family oriented live musical gathering. All forms and types of musical instrumentation are welcome i.e. ( drums, didgeridoos, sound bowls, shakers, strikers, stringed instruments,bag pipes, whistles, flutes, spinning poi, hoola hoops. Costumes, Face Paints, Masks, Funny hats, Dancing Feet, Poetry, Story Telling, Singing, Chanting, Theatrics, and a Child Like State of Having Fun are also encouraged, NOTHING IS OUT OF THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY when it come to artistic SELF-EXPRESSION with like minded people creating something from nothing in the moment.

The more tools there are at the disposal of the group the more involving the experience. Shared leadership along with the opportunity for all to have a voice. It’s the ENERGY, SPIRIT, AND SPONTANEITY OF THE MOMENT that leads the group during this experience. Food and Snack to be shared for Potluck are also encouraged by all who would like to contribute. It’s about community, growth, and self awareness through music.


1. The Studio has a highly finished hard wood floor and everyone will need to be vigilant in making sure that all instruments, hardware, and seating will not cause scratching or damage of any kind. Bring a mat if you can.

2. No Shoes are allowed inside the yoga studio space. All shoes are to be left outside of studio entrance.

3. Only 20 Chairs are available for seating. Folks are encouraged to bring in seating with rubber protected legs

4. Studio space is on 2nd floor of building with double wide stair case. No elevators are available.

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