Zero Balancing

True health is more than the absence of symptoms; it must include the capacity for contentment in life as it unfolds.”  

— Fritz Smith, M.D., Founder of Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is an advanced, light-touch bodywork which guides you into a deeply relaxed state, as in meditation. While in this state, stressful thoughts diminish, the breath deepens, and your entire body softens. Zero Balancing uses gentle fulcrums (points of contact) to encourage movement in restricted joints as well as throughout the body. Zero Balancing is a supportive tool, whether you wish to relax from the stress of the day and enjoy deep sleep, refine a specific goal, and/or to move through life with greater ease. 

After a Zero Balancing session, clients report feelings of deep relaxation and inner calm, along with decreased body aches and muscle pain. Zero Balancing is well-suited to clients who want to feel deep results with a gentle touch.

During a session, clients are fully-clothed and comfortably lie face-up on a massage table.

When you sever past emotional and thought patterns, especially those related to stress, you actually free the body to perform its natural healing functions.”  

— Herbert Benson, M.D., Founder of Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine (Mass. General Hospital)

Zero Balancing can specifically benefit:

People in creative fields: Increased holistic/nonlinear thinking, making unusual associations, creative inspiration, being in the present moment.

Seniors: Increased joint mobility, decrease in chronic pain, increase in feelings of wellbeing and connection to others.

Business Executives: New approaches in managing relationships, nonlinear solution-oriented thinking, ability to take on more tasks without feeling overwhelmed, clear thinking in stressful environments.

Times of Life transition: Having balanced emotions within a stressful situation, access to your inner voice/intuition, feeling grounded.


Before each session, we will discuss your health history, including any changes, as well as your goals for the current session.

  • Session length is 40-50 minutes on the table
  • All sessions are performed with the client lying face-up, fully clothed, in comfortable, workout clothing.*
  • A safe and secure environment allows you to achieve the deepest state of relaxation. I welcome communication to ensure your comfort throughout the session. 

Please contact Jennie directly by phone to make an appointment.  And feel free to call her for a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation before your first appointment if you have any questions.  

(401) 575-7379

  Cost per session is $85.

ONGOING SPECIAL: Try your first session with Jennie for free! 

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Jennie Finn, B.S., LMT, has been a practicing RI Licensed Massage Therapist since 2003, as well as Reiki Master. Using gentle holistic therapies, she creates an environment to strengthen the vitality and body intelligence within a perJennie Finn-1son by promoting internal balance. She also practices sound healing using Tuning Forks and Crystal Singing Bowls in conjunction with Reiki. She has developed a deep level of compassion both from working in both the massage field and working with children with special needs for many years. In her time off, she is likely exploring an undiscovered corner of beautiful Rhode Island, biking, or meditating in nature.

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