Karma Yoga – Work Study

Karma Yoga: Santosha’s Work-Study ProgramWork Study

The intention of this program is for the participants to learn the power of Karma Yoga through selfless service (seva) and to make yoga classes available for all sincere and committed students looking to deepen their spiritual practice and learn how to make Yoga a way of life.

Santosha’s Work Study Program – also referred to as seva, or selfless service, is a truly transformative process.  The intention is to offer your talents in love and gratitude while deepening your Yoga practice and knowledge.  You will learn that service offered in this spirit becomes meditation in motion, opens the heart and connects you to the inner Guru while enhancing your life.

HOW IT WORKS – This work-study program asks that you agree to provide assistance for the studio.  We have found that students who are willing to contribute some time and effort are more committed and dependable.  Our Seva staff is an important part of the operation of Santosha Yoga Studio.  They keep the studio clean, organized and running smoothly.  Our Seva find the work and the community at SYS a satisfying and rewarding part of their sadhana (spiritual practice).  Work Study/Seva at Santosha is a way to deepen your commitment to yourself and your spiritual growth – as you serve others.  You will receive so much through this yogic process.


Your commitment to:

  • A 6 month minimum participation
  • Attend yoga classes weekly


  • Data Entry
  • Cleaning
  • General Office Help
  • Plant Care
  • Paperwork
  • Creating Flyers
  • Reception work
  • Updating social media
  • Phone calls to students
  • Taking payments
  • Opening and/or Closing the Studio for Special Events

Other duties and projects will arise and we will attempt to match them with your skills and abilities.



Serve without Seeking Any Return – Seva (selfless service)

“The benefit of service is not in getting what you want, but in consciously learning to let go of your selfishness. As you experience letting go, you begin to see that Gurudev Newreceiving happens for you in a very strange way. Externally you may not receive anything, yet internally you begin to receive the essence of all you really want, which is peace, comfort and fulfillment. Externally you may have even lost a great deal, but internally you receive the results of success as you experience satisfaction, contentment, and joy.

Service is a very direct and simple way to learn selflessness. The basic idea behind service is that you give without asking for a return. Such service is the antidote to conflict, the antidote to separateness, loneliness, and fear of the other.” – Gurudev (Yogi Amrit Desai)

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