Women’s Puja Circle

cst image7:00-9:30 pm
$35.00 in advance or $50.00 at the door

A Puja, in sanskrit, means reverence, honor, worship and adoration.  It’s used by the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and others — as a ceremony to honor a very special occasion; it’s also used more often as part of a sacred ritual/practice to support opening to the wisdom of the Divine – your Source.

Here’s what we are going to do:

Intimate Puja Circles, created by Robyn, of Sacred Tantric Fire, will be the place to:

• Be playful with other yummy, juicy, soulful WOMEN!

• Learn about Tantra — “What is Tantra anyway?”

• Be in a room with other women who are willing to be honest, and open their hearts

• Experience deep connections with those interested in conscious relationship and spirituality  – women like YOU!

Robyn VogelRobyn Vogel is a Come Back To Love Coach™, Certified Sex Educator, psychotherapist, mother, entrepreneur, and all around love-adventurer! She is dedicated to guiding couples back to the most deeply loving connection possible; and if needed or desired, through a sacred, and loving separation. Robyn brings joy, wisdom, humor, warmth and powerful accessible tools to support others on their own healing journey. Robyn has been a regular featured contributor for Self Growth, Your Tango, Women’s Tool Box. TV appearances include Sex for Her Health and Happiness! More information about Robyn can be found at

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