Healing through Awareness: Understanding the Psoas

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Gain a clear understanding and deep awareness of the body in relation to the psoas muscle (a deep hip flexor and structural muscle) and how it functions and affects our daily lives on all levels – physical, mental & emotional.  As we explore and learn about our anatomy and physiology, we increase body awareness, therefore expanding our capacity for healing and freeing the body and preventing injury.

In this intensive and interactive workshop, we will dive into our physical anatomy so that we can “see” it clearly… not just with our eyes, but through our sense perceptions. From that base of clear understanding and increased awareness, we will explore movement, postures and stretches. Learn about the crucial relationships of strength & flexibility and stability & mobility and how to maintain balance between them. We will also learn various self-care treatments of self-massage, stretching & strengthening to assist our bodies healing process.

The psoas (pronounced “SO-az”) is a very deep hip-flexor muscle that has attachments on interior of the spine starting at T-12 and connecting at all of the Lumbar vertebrae (low back) as it continues into the pelvis and connects to the femur (thigh bone). This muscle has been called “The Muscle of the Soul” as it primarily responsible for folding our bodies up into a fetal position – the position of protection. When we are attacked (on any level) we either physically or energetically fold up into a ball. When this powerful and important muscle is not functioning optimally, we can experience terrible low back and hip pain, knee problems, and many other issues. These issues can be alleviated and often eliminated through clearly understanding how it works.

This workshop is open to anyone who is curious about how the body works and how to help it feel better. No experience with yoga or anatomy is required. Suggested for those who are often afflicted with back pain or have experienced injury or pain in the past.

Meet Nitya (Melissa) Walsh: Nitya (Melissa) Walsh has been involved in various forms melissaof body-centered practices throughout her life, starting with dance then transitioning into yoga and massage therapy. Through her decade of experience both giving and receiving bodywork and practicing and teaching yoga, she has discovered many healing stretches and massage techniques to assist the body toward optimal function. Her intuitive senses of her own body through her practice or yoga and massage has led her to help many students and clients find relief from pain, limitations and restrictions that can prevent us from living a full life. She has a fun and easily accessible way of sharing what she has gained through awareness and clear understanding.

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