Yoga Bodywork/Thai Yoga Massage

As the saying goes, the issues are in the tissues

Drawing from a multidisciplinary background of yoga, massage, energy work, and osteopathic techniques, Yoga Bodywork/Thai Yoga Massage presents the opportunity to address what is not working for you on multiple levels: from the gross to the subtle, from the physical to the emotional. Therapeutic Yoga and Bodywork is a hands-on treatment that places you into postures that facilitate release of frozen prana (life energy) on multiple levels of your being: physical, mental, energetic, and emotional. This ‘all’ encompassing work is postural, using props and hands-on guidance to access a deeper stretch and corrective alignment.

Musculoskeletal bodywork is also incorporated to help the body open up to what is being held within. Inside this framework, the work provides a portal for energy to move, as well as a safe space for the exploration of the emotional backlog that can sometimes be released with bodywork. Your willingness to Witness can release years of unconscious fears and restrictions, giving you not only a sense of freedom in the body, but also in your relationships with others and with yourself.

Yoga Bodywork/Thai Yoga Massage is generally performed on the floor, similar to Thai Yoga Therapy, however, it can also be adapted to the massage table as needed. Each session is tailored to address what is being held specific to you, and has a built-in capacity to draw you in, as deeply as you feel ready to, to explore the emotional content held in the packaging of physical restraints in the tissue.


60 minutes = $65

75 minutes = $75

90 minutes = $85

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