Therapeutic Yoga: Balancing your Body

RoseWith Heather Indu Eilering
Thursday April 24th, 7 – 9pm

This class is accessible to everyone but restricted to 10 participants for a more individualized experience.

In this 2 hour retreat you will be introduced to what Therapeutic Yoga is through experiential exercises as well as provided the intellectual understanding to explain the experiences. You will be guided through a full body scan in order to determine where the physical body is out of balance and then given knowledge of what the misbalances mean. Finally you will be guided through a therapeutic yoga class which is available to anyone who can lay on the floor.  IT WILL BE RELAXING AND DEEPLY HEALING!

What is Therapeutic Yoga?
We all have an inborn healing process available to us! Often that healing process is restricted by our mental concepts and patterns of thinking. When these mental patterns are left unresolved they can create tension, physical pain and dis-ease in the body. Therapeutic Yoga takes you out of the mind that created the physical tension and into the body where this dis-ease can begin to heal. When focusing on the body itself you begin to connect with your body’s own healing energy or Prana. Just as Prana keeps your heart beating and your lungs sending oxygen to all the nerves and cells, when not commanded by the mind, Prana will facilitate healing, balance and integration in the body.

HeatherHeather Indu Eilering is the Owner/Director of Santosha Yoga & Holistic Health Center.  Her passion for the ancient practices of yoga and the profound effects theses practices have had on her health and peace of mind are clearly seen in her style of teaching and community building at Santosha.  Heather is trained as a certified yoga instructor, yoga nidra facilitator, Thai bodyworker, Reiki III and Therapeutic Yoga Instructor.

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