The Art of Concentration: Using Meditation in Motion

ConcentrationWorkshop/Yoga Class
Sunday, November 2nd, 12 noon-1:30pm
with Janie (RYT 500)

$20 non-members
$10 members and staff

As you practice the Art of Concentration, your life force energy (prana) becomes less scattered and you will find you have more energy for the activities in life that you enjoy most!

Using Meditation in Motion

One of the guiding principles of Amrit Yoga – and most styles of meditation – is concentration (dhyana). Concentrating on just one thing can appear to be very difficult for our modern minds. We are so used to jumping ahead to the future and back to the past.

In this workshop, we’ll develop our skill of concentrating on the present moment – and approach it as an art, a work in progress. This is not serious, boring, or intimidating. We’re simply practicing an art that allows us to more deeply enjoy each moment of our lives.

During the yoga class, we’ll combine theory and practice. By utilizing gentle yoga poses (asanas), we’ll cultivate our ability to stay present – focused on the now. As we explore the unbroken stream of awareness, we will experience meditation in motion.

100% accessible to all levels of yoga practice. No previous experience with meditation or yoga are needed.

Janie FronekJanie FronekMeet Janie Fronek: Janie (Ganga) is a certified Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500 – Amrit Level I & II). She has been practicing Amrit yoga since 2002. Janie enjoys integrating everything she’s learned and sharing her experience. Her guiding intention is: Honor Your Inspiration!

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