Therapeutic Thai Yoga

Therapeutic Thai Yoga combines

~Asanas (postures) from yoga
~Rhythmic muscle pressure from massage
~Pressure to the energy lines of acupuncture


Creating a therapy session leaving you feeling



In a Therapeutic Thai Yoga session the client is fully clothed and simply lies down, relaxes and enjoys the many benefits of this ancient healing art.

Thai therapy is a relaxing, full-body treatment that includes both stretching of the joints and muscles and compression applied to the energy lines in the body. It’s the combination of touch and stretching that makes it so relaxing yet energizing.

2 hour session – $120

1 hour session – $60

90 minute session – $85

5 sessions booked for the price of 4 – $240


First-time clients receive 20% off  a 1-hour session!

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Therapeutic Thai Yoga has many benefits including:

•Stress and pain relief
•Resistance to injury
•Improved range of motion
•Toning of internal organs
•Deep relaxation
•Increase and balancing of energy
•Enhanced physical activity including
yoga, sports, jogging…

This practice is accessible to Everyone!

Call or stop by Santosha to purchase Gift Certificates.

Cash and personal checks accepted at time of service. We often have a waiting list for Thai services.  In order to provide our clients the opportunity to utilize open time slots, a $35.00 fee will be applied for not cancelling your appointment with 24 hours notice.

If you have any questions, please call (401) 780-9809.


KatherineBerroaKatherine has practiced Amrit and Kundalini Yoga since the year 2008. One of the biggest breakthroughs in her practice and personal life happened when she received the transmission of the Incan Munay-Ki Shamanic Rites of the Laika in 2011. After this breakthrough the veil of her inner wisdom and intuitive gifts began to lift, but it was at the Amrit Level I teacher training in the year 2013 that her path as a yogi and her true essence began to emerge. These important initiations marked the beginning of a new life for the healer and for the humanitarian. She states that, “The journey of learning and the journey through ascension are never truly over and even after the last dying breath it remains in a constant state of evolution.”

Katherine has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Legal Studies from Bryant University 2005. As a Thai Body-worker, Energy Healer and Yoga Instructor (RYT-200), she intends to share her knowledge and wisdom in ways that help others find a path to healing and growth.

Question & Answer

What should I wear?
Loose comfortable clothing.  The same you would wear to a yoga class.  The session is done fully clothed.  If you will be enjoying an Herbal Treatment please wear dark shorts and sleeveless shirt.

Can I eat ahead of time?
I recommend not eating anything heavy 1 hour before your appointment.

I’m not flexible or I have an injury, can I still attend a session?
Yes, Thai Yoga Therapy is designed to work for almost any body type.  It will assist in the bodies flexibility and aid in the healing process.  Modifications can be done for most injuries, please contact therapist for more information if you have an injury and inform her of that injury.

Why would a yoga practitioner try Thai Yoga Therapy?
~The benefits of Thai Yoga Therapy to a Yoga practitioner are that the client can experience the deep stretches from poses that would be difficult for them to achieve without assistance due to the years it may take to develop the strength, balance and flexibility to perform the pose in a solo yoga practice.  Because theses stretches are deeper, it enhances one’s ability to practice solo on the mat.

To further enhance your enjoyment, you may choose a Thai Herbal Treatment. For further information on Thai Herbal Treatments, Click Here.


“I liked the luxury of being in my body while being guided by your warmth and love (strong word but that is the energy I felt).” D.F.

“Thank you I feel deeply relaxed and emotionally moved.” R.R.

”I feel as if my entire body is being ‘healed’ and strengthened…I feel trust is key. I trust you will keep working with me slowly and carefully to get the most benefit from this therapy…It leaves me feeling strong and energized. My neck and shoulders are more flexible than from months of PT.” F.D.

“This was a wonderful complement to a yoga practice.” P.B.

“I liked the gentleness of each motion effect on my ankle injury. Therapist was able to modify to get the maximum benefit.” M.E.J.

“If you keep your eyes closed, it feels like you’re flying.” J.F.

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