Thai Herbal Treatment

Thai Herbal Treatment ~Heat

~Aroma Therapy

~Thai Bodywork

Heated medicinal herbs in a cotton cloth that will melt away your tension!


A Thai Herbal Treatment or Luk Pra Kob: LPK is an herbal compress treatment, which combines traditional Thai bodywork with the LPK, a warm herbal compress.  The LPK ball contains steamed herbs including lemongrass, ginger, turmeric, kefir lime and more.

The herbs combined with heat, release essential oils that have a number of medicinal benefits including:


– Anti-InflammatoryThai Herb Treament
– Pain Reduction
– Deep Muscle Relaxation
– Antibacterial
– Antiseptic Agents
– Lymphatic Cleanse


Combined with traditional Thai bodywork this technique not only therapeutically helps the body, but combined with the aromatherapy of the herbs also calms the mind.

What to Wear:

Shorts and a sleeveless shirt, dark colors
(oils will stain light colors but not be visible with dark fabrics).
It’s best to have as much skin showing as possible to get the full benefit from the essential

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