Melissa (Nitya) Walsh


Amrit Yoga Teacher and Co-Founder of Santosha Yoga Studio
As co-founder of Santosha Yoga Studio, Nitya feels that she is truly following her passion. After completing her Massage Therapy training at Ahern’s Massage School in Mariposa, California in 2003, she realized that she had been introduced to the beginning of the rest of her life. Working with people was something that came very naturally to her, and becoming a Massage Therapist seemed to be a perfect fit.

She had been practicing yoga on and off since 1998 until she discovered Amrit Yoga where there was an instant connection. She felt that the practice of Yoga was like therapy to her; keeping her grounded and healthy. It wasn’t long before she began her training with Yogi Amrit Desai to become an Amrit Yoga teacher.

She completed her certification as a Level I Amrit Yoga Instructor in 2004, and the following year she received Mantra Initiation into the Amrit Yoga Lineage. It was then that she was given the name Nitya, which is Sanskrit for eternal. As a disciple of Yogi Desai, she feels a deep connection to his teaching and the teachings of his guru, Swami Kripalvanandji. Nitya considers the practice of Yoga to be her spiritual path and truly the path of her Heart.

She has traveled with other disciples on a pilgrimage to India to learn about the lineage of Masters that have brought Amrit Yoga to where it is today. That visit was profound, to say the least.

It was that year that she and Heather embarked upon their journey toward opening Santosha Yoga Studio. Since the inception of Santosha in 2006, Nitya has continued to teach yoga in the studio as well as out in the community for local charity events, corporate events, as well as at Wheaton College in Norton, MA.

In May 2010, Nitya completed her 500 hour certification as a Level II Amrit Yoga Instructor. This training served to deepen her own practice and honed her skills as a teacher, while providing new skills to assist her students towards deepening their own practice. In July 2010, she had the honor of assisting Yogi Amrit Desai and his daughter Kamini Desai at a Yoga Nidra Retreat at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. She attended the Yoga Nidra Professional Training that was held at Santosha and completed her training as a Yoga Nidra Facilitator in March 2011. 2010 was a year of immense growth and transformation in all areas of Nitya’s life, and she has enjoyed watching her practice, and therefore her teaching deepen and become firmly grounded… this has allowed a very real experience of Grace to flow throughout her life.

Being a business owner and mom to a young child presents many challenges…however the lessons she not only teaches, but practices provide her with constant guidance and support. Nitya’s life experiences and insight bring a great deal of depth and passion to her teaching style, and exemplifies her passion for the transformative power of the practice of Amrit Yoga.

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