Janie (Ganga) Fronek

Janie Fronek

Amrit Yoga Teacher and Community Outreach Liaison

Janie teaches privately, has two weekly classes at Santosha on Wednesdays [], and loves leading workshops. She is a certified Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500). She completed her Amrit Level 1 Teacher Training at Santosha and Amrit Level 2 Training at the Amrit Yoga Institute.

Janie has been practicing Amrit yoga since 2002. For many years, she went to yoga once a week – she found that yoga lowered her stress level, made her body feel healthier, and gave her perspective on difficult relationships. Her practice deepened in 2011 when major personal shifts began. She separated from her life partner at the same time as she left a 13-year career in non-profit fundraising and administration. Yoga gave her the tools to enjoy the transformation and the journey.

Before her yoga practice began, Janie was a bit of an academic, with a dual Bachelor’s in English & American Literature and Sexuality & Society from Brown University (1997) as well as a Master’s in English from Brown University (1999). Currently, in addition to teaching yoga, Janie enjoys working at Whole Foods on Waterman Street.

Now, she feels extremely lucky to share what she’s learned with her friends, loved ones, community, and YOU! Her passion in her yoga teaching is to make the amazing benefits of a personal yoga practice accessible to ALL PEOPLE. She believes in Health at Every Size – the simple premise that the best way to improve health is to honor your body. Janie invites her students to find deep love for their bodies (as they are) and the mind (as it is).

Janie is available for private Amrit yoga sessions [] and specialized Mini Yoga Retreats [].

“I love working with individuals to discover more ways to improve your relationship with your body and spirit! I’m excited to customize my teaching and work with you on your unique interests and needs. Private classes and Mini Retreats are an amazing opportunity to relax, learn, and heal.”

Janie’s guiding intention is: Honor your inspiration!

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