Intuition unfolds

Honestly, clearly looking at oneself. A yogi “reads her own book of life, at the same time she writes and revises it” -BKS Iyengar. Studying scriptures, meditating, and self-reflecting in order to realize your divine nature. Attuning to, and trusting in your intuition.

Affirmation: I am divine knowledge. All knowing is within me. I trust my inner knowing and my intuition to guide me.

Swadhyaya is composed of two words: “swa” meaning “Self” or Atman, and “adhyaya” meaning “to study;” that is, “to study the Self or Atman.” We practice swadhyaya to get to know our true Self.

“Amrit Yoga’s transformative and healing impact is founded on introspection, self observation, and self study – swadhyaya – where the unconscious  beliefs, self concepts, resistances, reactions emotions, and self rejections are clearly revealed and exposed to the light of consciousness.”    Gurudev

As our unconscious or preprogrammed self-image is exposed to the light of consciousness  the true Self is revealed.  Witness consciousness is a fundamental practice in revealing the limitations of identifying with our self- image. Only by being the witness are we able to disassociate from the bondage of the self-image.  When we witness our emotions, thoughts, reactions, likes and dislikes we discontinue feeding the self-image. As the witness starves the self-image, the Higher Self begins to reveal itself. Swadhyaya is a journey of Self-discovery – of Self-realization.

In the practice of swadhyaya we also come to realize the Self through repeated study and contemplation of yogic scriptures, studying wih a master, chanting the name of the Lord, practicing japa,  and self inquiry. Practicing self-study means to search for the meaning behind the essential philosophy by asking universal questions such as “Who is the Self?”, “Who created the universe?”, “who am I?”. To answer these questions we must experientially study the Self throughout our entire journey.

“Self observation is the way of the Masters.”  Gurudev

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