Sun Salutations Posture Clinic

MelissaSunSalutationSaturday, May 24th
12:30 – 3:30pm
$25 members
$30 non-members

Do you ever find yourself avoiding or despising Sun Salutations in your practice?

Do certain postures hurt your body?

Would you like to discover the joy and ease that is available in this beautiful and powerful sequence?

This workshop is open to ALL LEVELS of experience and is encouraged for any student that finds Sun Salutations to be challenging or painful.

In this workshop, we will:

– Explore the physical anatomy of the body

– Learn optimal alignment in each posture.

– Discover the “perfect” posture for YOUR body

– Learn to prevent injury and gain knowledge of helpful modifications

With deeper understanding of the physical structure that supports the postures in the Sun Salutations sequence, we can move awareness into the challenges and learn to release the struggle. This understanding will increase our awareness of the body, empowering us to experience a clearer and more powerful energetic flow, therefore assisting the body towards ease and release in the poses.

Meet Nitya (Melissa) Walsh:  Nitya (Melissa) Walsh has been involved in various forms melissaof body-centered practices throughout her life, starting with dance then transitioning into yoga and massage therapy. Through her decade of experience both giving and receiving bodywork and practicing and teaching yoga, she has discovered many healing stretches and massage techniques to assist the body toward optimal function. Her intuitive senses of her own body through her practice or yoga and massage has led her to help many students and clients find relief from pain, limitations and restrictions that can prevent us from living a full life. She has a fun and easily accessible way of sharing what she has gained through awareness and clear understanding.

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