Kavita PYT 61Purchase a Private Therapeutic Yoga Session -$10 off!
AND!!! Receive a 60 minute Reiki/Energy Session for $35!
* Purchase available now through August 31, 2014

We know your Saturday afternoons in the summer are precious. But perhaps you’ve been feeling that you need to reconnect to your body, and find some time to reaffirm your commitment to your Inner Self. Perhaps you suspect, or know, that you are ready to explore an energetic release of old patterns that no longer serve you. If so, then this summer is the opportunity to treat yourself to both a Private Therapeutic Yoga Session and to a deeply relaxing Reiki/Energy Session.

Holistic Summer Saturday Deal

Therapeutic Yoga works on the premise that our energy will automatically facilitate MENTAL, EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL HEALING when it is not commandeered by our mental perceptions. As stress and emotional tension are held within the tissues of the body, a session includes some gentle massage and manual guidance into facilitated postures. Once you are held in a therapeutic posture, release of tensioning and deeply held energy patterns are possible. Therapeutic Yoga allows the body’s healing energy to take the lead role in facilitating balance. A typical session lasts about 75-85 minutes. An Initial consult takes approximately 90-110 minutes. (If you have never received a Therapeutic Yoga session with Kavita, please schedule an Initial consult.)

Reiki/Energy Healing is a gentle hands-on/hands-off direction of energy healing intuitively guided to the Body/mind wherever it needs it the most. It is received either lying down, or in a seated position. Kavita has received both Reiki and IET attunements, as well as the shamanic techniques inherent in the Munay-Ki rites, and may augment this with the energy of crystals, music and singing bowls as guided.

*Must be purchased as a package. Both services must be booked with Kavita Lori Richardson, and are available only on Saturday afternoons. Services can be booked either through our appointy booking system, or at the front desk. Services may be booked separately.

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Meet Kavita Lori Richardson:  Working within the framework of Amrit Yoga principles, Kavita excels at teachinglori fundamental movement through her exploration of various paths of movement including: Pilates, Belly dance, Chi gong; and diverse paths of yoga such as Vini yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga.  With more than 10 years of teaching experience, she is certified through the Amrit Yoga Institute Level 2 Teacher Certification.  Kavita graduated from the Physical Therapist Assistant program in 2009 from CCRI, with AAS, and practices outpatient therapeutics at Whole Health PT in Pawtucket, RI. She brings to all her teachings and practices the intention of blending both Western and Eastern healing techniques and philosophy.

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