Frequently Asked Questions

Classes & Policies FAQs

What kind of yoga do you offer?
Our teaching is based in the Amrit and Kundalini Yoga traditions  We also have one Forrest Yoga class weekly, and a Qigong one too. Learn more…

What do I wear to class?
Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. Anything that you can move in, and feel comfortable. There are no wardrobe requirements, other than actually wearing clothing.

Is yoga hard to do?
It certainly can be difficult, but truly only as difficult as you want it to be. Each class will offer a varying level of challenge, and what you put into it, is what you get out of it.

Do you do “HOT” yoga?
No…unless of course it is 90 degrees outside, and the air conditioner is broken!

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept all credit cards and personal checks.

Can I drop in to a class anytime?
Yes. Drop-ins are always welcome to any class unless otherwise noted. Pre-registration is recommended for workshops and special events. MindBody Link for Registering

What do I do if I have an injury?
First, make sure that your doctor approves your participation in yoga. Next, explain your injury to your teacher at the start of class. And most important, HONOR YOUR BODY. If the pose is not working for you, ask for help. All of our teachers are trained to help through adjusting and modifying the poses to suit your needs.

I feel weird chanting. Do I have to?
No. But we encourage you to try it at least once.

Holistic Services FAQs

What do I wear?
It is entirely up to you and your comfort level.

What is Reiki?
The short answer is energy healing. It uses the Universal energy known as Chi to aid the body, mind, and spirit in healing by releasing blockages in the energy pathways (known as Meridians). It is believed that many ailments stem from restrictions and blocks on our vital Life Force due to diminished flow of energy through the body. A Reiki practitioner’s body’s energy acts as a conduit for this Life Force, creating the stimulation of healing for the receiver. The session is done clothed in a very quiet room. You will most likely leave the session feeling relaxed and at peace.


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