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  1. Thanks Valerie! I’ll be sure to have Lori read this wonderful endorsement from you.

    from Beth Sherman

  2. What an amazing journey I took yesterday with an hour and a half Therapeutic Yoga session with Lori. As an instructor of yoga, I know what yoga can do for you, but I had no idea what therapeutic yoga could do for the body. I anticipated a massage like session, but it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I came into the session with soreness in my neck and shoulders and aches in my hands. The session ended with me feeling amazing!! Not only were my aches and pains gone, but my body felt alive and energized- truly energized. I could feel the energy circulating throughout my body. My mind was clear and calm. I felt amazing!! It was an true sensory experience and one I will definitely seek out again. Thank you Lori, you have the magic touch😌

    from Valerie

  3. At the Open House on January 27th I won a raffle and my prize was an hour and a half session of Therapeutic Yoga with Lori. As a yoga instructor, I know what yoga is but really had no preconceived idea what therapeutic yoga was all about. WOW!!! I was amazed at how I felt after the session. I came in with aches in my neck and stiffness in my hands. I left the session calm,fully relaxed and energized. Literally, my body was tingling and full of energy. It’s as if all my energy centers were refreshed! My pockets of tightness and tension were gone. It was an amazing journey and one I will take again. Thank you Lori. You have the magic touch😌

    from Valeri

  4. Santosha accepts all the above! We take all major credit cards, checks, and cash for holistic services, workshops and classes.

    from Beth Sherman

  5. How do we pay for Reiki? Cash, check or credit card? Thanks

    from Peg

  6. The best experience of my children’s lives! They are so looking forward to class on Sunday!!! Yoga so relaxes them and keeps them in such a positive mood. They just live it! They recommend to all children. Thank you

    from kristen

  7. Like all the rest who have found their way to Santosha, it has changed my life. From the moment I walk in thru the door I feel the positive energy and the love. Each person I’ve met I’ve ended up hugging!
    I have have been immersing myself in the Thai Yoga Massage with Katherine and she is just amazing…you must experience this to understand the real meaning behind the word “amazing”. Namaste to all who enter – you’re in for a treat!

    from Dana

  8. Drum Circle was awesome last night! Healing and fun, Thank you!

    from Kathleen

  9. We are at 14 Bartlett Avenue just outside Providence in Cranston. We’re in the Edgewood section of Cranston.

    from yogaatsantosha

  10. Where are you located in Providence RI.

    from JN

  11. as an on-again off-again yoga student, wife, mother, student, and nurse I always come back to Santosha and find peace, love and mySelf. Yoga on all levels can be found there. You owe this to yourSelf :)

    from Mary-Ellen

  12. I love the Yoga Nidra with Heather! If you need a peaceful, safe place to calm your mind and focus on yourself – this is the place!

    from B.

  13. Wow. What a wonderful experience I had at The Healing Clinic on Friday. Santosha is welcoming and friendly, genuinely peaceful and calming. An incredible first impression and experience into my newborn health. Thank You All and I look forward to seeing you often.

    from Holly

  14. forest yoga last night was the best class ever, well my legs are still yelling at me what did you do my mind my soul and and sore knee feels the best in the last 8 months do not miss the next class 5-45 pm bring your Matt bring your mind just do not Miss FOREST YOGA

    from tony c

  15. Santosha’s community of kindred travelers has drawn me to deepen my spiritual practice and inspired a profound enlivening of my Spirit. I love and am truly grateful for all of you.

    from B

  16. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be going to yoga classes 5 times a week, chanting mantras, or balancing my chakras. I’ve only been a part of this community for six months, but it feels like I’ve come home.

    from C.D.

  17. I am deeply grateful for the community of Santosha.

    from K

  18. Peace, beauty, love, serenity, joy, fun… These are just a “few” words that describe Santosha, and most importantly the loving teachers and staff that make it all possible.

    from D

  19. Finding Santosha has been one of the best things that has ever happened in my life! Rock on!

    from A

  20. Santosha changed my life. I knew nothing about yoga when I found you, and I had no idea the profound effect it would have on me.

    from T

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