Soul Empowerment

October 18th from 7-8:30pmFlower in the Sun
Lead by Cindy Johnson

$5.00 Donation

“Angel Yoga” is a powerful and rapid spiritual system of soul that will greatly enhance your daily yoga practice.

During this class you will bypass body and mind, and enter soul in order to magnify Creation Light to travel freely, safely and rapidly through the spirit universe.

This is an experiential class of transmitting empowerments into your soul, activating your soul’s innate purification process. You will learn “megapranayama” (Ascension breathing) and many “megasanas” – pure, joyous and sacred ways that will elevate your soul to Enlightenment, Liberation and Creation.

Your instructor for this spiritual class, Cindy, is certified to teach this class by Rand Jameson Shields, author of “Soul Transfiguration”. For more information please see author’s websites at: and

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