Shamanic Sound Healing Ceremony

Sunday, November 24thIMG_0630
6:30 – 8pm

Join us at beautiful Santosha Yoga Studio for powerful healing experience of vibration and sensation. In sacred space, a deeply relaxed and meditative state is encouraged with guided meditation. Eye will then channel evolutionary Love frequencies through a variety of primitive instruments – drums, rattles, didgeridoo, bells, crystal and brass singing bowls and voice; all used with intuitive guidance with the intention to promote a deep sense of awareness, activate latent DNA, open and align the chakras while the bodymind lays in deep tranquility. This allowing the inherent healing life-force energy prana to flow exactly where it is needed to relieve tension, stress and pain. Bring a pillow, blanket and pad to lie on, as well as any sacred objects to be charged. No meditation experience necessary.

Brandon is available for private Reiki, Shamanic & Sound Healing at Santosha. Visit our Reiki Page for more information and scheduling.

Brandon BurnsBrandon Burns is an empathic intuitive utilizing an eclectic array of techniques to lift and empower any who chooses to walk with him. His intention is to catalyze a deep remembering of the master within (Higher Self), connecting us with our intuition and authentic expression for a joyful, skillful human experience. Brandon is a channel for a vast reservoir of Universal knowing, and deeply passionate about Life; adeptly connecting and sharing this transformational gift as an instrument and expression of Love and evolution. He has a private intuitive healing practice, and facilitates many types of events ranging from meditations, shamanic initiations and practices, and more! To contact to schedule an event or appointment-

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