An Evening of Yoga Nidra & Reiki


with Jo-Ann Lemay & Christie Arsenault

3rd Thursday of every month from 6:00 – 7:15pm

$20 general admission Register here!; $15 members Register here!

Come manifest your desires!

Suspended in the space between wakefulness and sleep, the healing energy of Reiki and the meditative state of Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) merge to offer balance and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit.

Lie in savasana (corpse pose) throughout the session as Jo-Ann leads us into Yoga Nidra, while Christie offers the healing gift of Reiki to each participant.

Receive what YOU need while sharing the Love and Light in a safe, welcoming environment.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and bringing a yoga mat and blanket with you.


b179da28-bf2c-49a5-9a02-5d75f0e7285aJo-Ann Lemay has been practicing Reiki since 2013.  Led by a deep longing for spiritual fulfillment, the practice of Reiki found her at Santosha.  She diligently worked with clients and eventually achieved the level of Reiki Master.  In addition to Reiki; Jo-Ann is an Amrit Yoga, and a Yoga Nidra instructor, musician, and song writer.

20031939_10210200180856169_6181272508042626773_nChristie Arsenault was certified Reiki Master Teacher in May of 2012. Christie is passionate about teaching and attuning her students to Reiki energy so they may become a channel for healing themselves and others.  Christie has volunteered Reiki services to patients and staff at South County Hospital, and she believes that helping others to heal has brought much healing to her own life.



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