Satya means truth.  Truthfulness in speech, thought, and deed.  Honesty.  Owning feelings.  Clear, loving communication.  Opening to the truth of the divinity in all.

Affirmation:  I have the courage to see the truth.  I am willing to move beyond my limited view of the world.  I speak the truth with compassion.

“Satya” means “truth.” To be truthful means much more than not telling lies. Mahatma Gandhi said “Truth is God, God is Truth.” If we live in Truth our thoughts, speech and actions will always reflect the truth.  If we reflect upon our lives, we see that it is almost impossible to practice being truthful. This is because our thoughts, speech and  actions are unconsciously motivated by our need to establish, protect and sustain our self image.

“When you are identified with your self image you are not being being truthful.”     Gurudev

Accepting our condition as it is, where do we begin to practice satya? Bapuji recommends we begin with our relationship to speech. He says, “We need not worry about practicing truth in speech, but merely need to delete a little untruth from the mass of untruth we usually speak.”  This is why spiritual traditions all emphasis the practice of silence. Practicing silence makes it much easier to practice truthfulness in speech, and  also creates the proper conditions for honestly looking at ourselves.

Since it is not possible for most of us to remain in silence,  we must consider the origin and impact of our words before speaking. We must also look carefully at our definition of truth. Ordinarily what  we call the truth is actually our adopted social norms. What do “speaking our truth”, “having integrity “and “being honest “really mean to us? How often do we use these principals to fortify our self image and create separation between ourselves and others?  Do we have the courage to be honest and truthful in our assessment of our own thoughts and behaviors?   Can we be true to our Higher Self and at the same time be open and authentic in our communications?

In Amrit Yoga the witness awakens your ability to be honest to your Higher Self. This is your ability to see the Truth – to see reality as it is –  without the pre programmed filters of the mind. You cannot be honest and at the same time be identified with who you are not.

“Nothing in this world can ever match, in quality or in quantity, the pure, unadulterated truth. Truth is the ocean of beauty itself. Truth is the source of  all the beauties of the entire universe.”    Bapuji

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