HeartWorks: Awaken Heart Intelligence

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Saturday June 17th from 3-5pm

Presented by guest teacher Howard Rosenberg


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Are you ready to choose love over fear?  The more you become motivated by love, the more fearless you will be. And when you are wholehearted, your mind and heart will sing the same song.

HeartWorks delivers an embodied experience that to truly bring peace and harmony to our lives, we must make choices from the wisdom of the heart center, where kindness, compassion and love can manifest “heaven on earth.”

Become conscious of your heart connection with the Divine.

This workshop will help you to align your mind and body with the deep wisdom of the heart center. When we can feel our hearts message – our true calling – we can make life decisions based on love, not from the imagined fear that has created the various dramas that define our life and the world we live in; we now create our heaven on earth.

Postures, Breathwork, and Meditations that Open the Heart

• Cultivate greater awareness as you raise your consciousness
• Learn Ancient Wisdom of the Heart
• Strengthen your presence and radiance
• Learn to relax and attract opportunities for meaningful growth • Sound healing gong bath

• Strengthen your nervous and immune system

Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for yoga. No experience necessary.


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 7.07.28 AM 2     Howard Rosenberg is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Life & Executive Coach committed to assisting others break out of their prison of firmly-held limiting beliefs about life, career and relationships. He shares how to live a meaningful life filled with health, happiness, and service to others . . . to become the best version of oneself possible. . He is a devoted teacher of the sacred teachings for humanity, yoga and meditation. As graduate of Stanford and MIT, his mind got a thorough workout. Now he is working the heart muscle, the source of infinite love and true wisdom.

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