Accept what is.  Make the best out of everything.  Deep inner contentment comes from having faith in God, faith in our own Higher Self, faith in our life.  Cultivate gratitude and joyfulness.  Remain calm with success or failure.  This state of mind does not depend on any external circumstances.

Affirmation:  I am content in myself, in God.  I am at peace with myself, my life, and the world.

“Santosha” means “contentment,” or “the ability to tolerate all mental disturbances.” Bapuji says, “Contentment is a state of mind and discontentment is one of the aids to attaining it.”   In fact, discontentment motivates us to become content. We begin to realize that we are always discontented with our present situation, and that we live for the future promise of the fulfillment of our dreams of happiness.  This future never seems to come and in the present we are still practicing discontentment and the dream of future happiness to escape from our present reality.

Santosha is an unconditional state of being. It is not dependent on circumstances.  Santosha is the experience of fulfillment with what is present from moment to moment to moment. To practice santosha we must be content with life, ourselves and others exactly as we are. When you are enough, everything else is enough.

“We are always seeking excitement and excitement is always followed by boredom or depression. The only way out is santosha.”        -Gurudev

Santosha means we are not anxious to get somewhere, there is no worry or fear, and therefore we are fully present and content now.  When we are not seeking excitement life becomes exciting in a very deep way. Santosha gives us the ability to receive joy and happiness without attachment or addiction. Then, when excitement comes we will see it as a gift and not get attached to it. The ability to no longer seek anything, to no longer project our happiness into the future,  is a blessing. This experience of peace and contentment is santosha.

“Contentment is not manufactured by thinking. When you are in santosha you are established in the witness.”        -Gurudev

In Amrit Yoga santosha means being content and grateful for reality exactly as it is now, regardless of the self concepts that intervene to make reality appear to be insufficient or incomplete.

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