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Silence: A Tool for Transformation


September 2008
By Lori (Kavita) Richardson

It has been said that the spoken word has power to bring dreams into reality, to create the world as one envisions it. Dramatically illustrated by Goethe and (perhaps most widely recognized) in Genesis, the vibration of the spoken word, and the intention behind it, point to a consciousness and a quiet gathering of energy.
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Tools for Transformation

April 2008
By Heather Eilering

What does it take to transform one’s life? There are a thousand different religions that each claim they hold the key. What is important is that each of these religions agrees on one thing, that transformation is necessary.
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Blocks to Divine Love


March 2008
By Heather Eilering

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -ACIM
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Practicing Gratitude


November 2007
By Heather Eilering

As I sit in mediation at the beginning of my Sadhana (personal yoga practice) the question, “What is gratitude?” pops into my mind. Quite frequently I find myself rushing to get everything done before the holidays and during the actual holiday, and forget to sit and reflect on what I am celebrating. Food to prepare, houses to clean, gifts to purchase… the list goes on and on.
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Yoga for Depression


March 2007
By Joy Bennett

Depression appears to be a universal human experience that has become a worldwide epidemic. According to Richard Brown, M.D., clinical psychiatrist for Columbia University, it is the leading illness in adults, and often occurs with other serious illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, and arthritis. Depression accelerates aging of the body and brain, and women and the elderly have an increased risk of depression.
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We Honor the Light Within You

jai bhagwan

December 2007
By Kathleen LaRoche

“Once there was a snowman
Stood outside the door.
Thought he’d like to come inside
And run around the floor.

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Kundalini Yoga


October 2007
By Beth Kiley Kinder (Sat Siri Kaur)

Many people ask, “What is Kundalini Yoga?” Let me start off by saying that the purpose of all yoga is to raise the kundalini. Kundalini is said to be the spiritual energy of a human being.
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Welcome to Santosha


September 2007
By Heather Eilering

We invite you to share our vision of communicating the practice of yoga, and we welcome you into our community of teachers, sevas, students and holistic practitioners.
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