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How do you care for what you put in your body?

By Julie A. Hillman, MS DTR RYT
March, 2014

When I was first asked to write about nutrition for the March newsletter, I thought to myself: “Perfect, March is National Nutrition Month.” I began to go through the mental inventory of all the potential topics at my disposal – everything from healthy weight, simple recipes, digestive issues, the components of a healthy diet – then I stopped… Continue Reading…

Dissolving the Barriers to Love


February 2013
By Heather Indu Eilering

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -ACIM

After reading the above quote, I’d say it’s GOOD news that love is unconditional and always present. The challenge is facing up to the fact that I am responsible for building barriers against it. We seem to believe that we have to seek and find love within ourselves and others, but I’d like to suggest that that is our main block! That maybe we aren’t yet willing to be loved the way we deserve because we are not willing to love the way we want to be loved. And may I suggest that our only real choice is to reconsider how we want to love instead of being so concerned with how we are loved. True Love is given and received Continue Reading…

Symphony of Your Soul


By Indu (Heather Eilering) January 2013

Did you know that every moment is an opportunity to start new? You don’t have to wait for January 1st to set intentions and goals! We humans, however, seem to deem the first of a new year like a start line that cannot be moved. Continue Reading…

Uniting Energy and Consciousness:

A Yogic Marriage of Shiva and Shakti

December, 2012
By: Heather Indu Eilering

You have most likely already heard that Yoga means “union”.  Maybe the idea of Unity is what drove you to begin exploring this ancient practice.  But what are we unifying?  If I inhabit this body and you inhabit a totally separate body, how in the world can unity happen?  If I have my concept of what is right and what is wrong and you have a different concept of right and wrong, how do we unite?  When faced with conflict perhaps you think to yourself, “Just admit I am right!”  We are only human and that is what many of us do every day with our children, our partners, our parents, friends, and siblings.  We try to convince them to see and agree with our point of view.  That agreement is what makes us feel safe and validated in our world.  We create whole communities and countries based on that agreement.  But history shows us that countries fall, divorce happens, children estrange themselves from their parents, and friendships end.  So then, dear ones, where does Yoga come into all this? Continue Reading…

Conscious Living

Conscious Living

Kathleen LaRoche

As a woman in the 50+ age bracket, I have experienced generations of social change. From my childhood in the groovy 60’s, my adolescence in the 70’s (very cool) , my first round of college in Boston in the 80’s (amazing hair!), to meeting my husband, starting a small business, losing my Mom to cancer, and becoming a mother in the 90’s….well, I could go on, but I think you have the picture…I have experienced quite a lot of life! And, one thing that has been consistent throughout all of these years is my faith in humanity. Somehow, despite all of the challenges and sorrows, my heart is still young and happy. What is my secret? I will share it with you…My secret is not a secret at all…it is a simple practice Continue Reading…

Identity Crisis!


September, 2012
by Heather Indu Eilering

Who are you?  Take a moment and actually answer that question.  You can either write it down or just consider it in your mind…  Do you have your list?  Perhaps your list looks something like this: I am a 42 year old woman, mother, daughter, sister, program coordinator, with blond hair and green eyes.  I like dark roast coffee and sky diving…

Now my question to you, is that list really you?  According to Yoga, the answer is “No”.  Continue Reading…

Pain, the Gateway to Peace


Are you open?  Are you moving through each experience of your life with a passion for exploration?  Do you want not a moment to pass by in which you feel fulfilled?

More and more students are asking what to do about the pain they are experiencing in their lives.  Sometimes the pain is physical, sometimes, mental, sometimes emotional, and sometimes it’s a deep felt pain that appears to pierce one’s very soul.   Continue Reading…

Learning to Fly


June 2012
by Heather Eilering

There comes a time in one’s Sadhana (spiritual practice) where the answers that were previously sufficient are no longer enough; when the external world no longer provides enough meaningful fulfillment.  At this time the seeker must Continue Reading…

Where is Peace Hiding??


May 2012 Newsletter
by Heather Eilering

The key to Freedom is simple, when you truly want Freedom the door will swing wide open and the Light that appeared to always be in the distance will envelope you in it’s Love. This process is guaranteed to happen eventually because Divine Will dictates it, however, the when is totally up to you (that’s free will). Continue Reading…

Am I A Cyclopes?

third eye 3

February 2012
By Heather Eilering

We talk a lot about going to the Third Eye in yoga class but when was the last time you really considered what the 3rd eye is? Does it mean that Yogis are really mythical Greek creatures with an extra eye or is there some other mystical symbolic explanation here? Continue Reading…

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