Reiki  is a Japanese hands-on form of energy healing.  It is the energy of life itself which, when in practice, reawakens and elevates this energy from the Universe. It can help with physical, emotional and psychological healing.  All you need to do is lie peacefully and comfortably and allow the energy to go to work.

Reiki heals by flowing through affected areas of the physical body and its subtle energy pathways. People report to feeling fully relaxed during and after a session.

A consultation is also included in your appointment. All sessions are done completely clothed in a warm and inviting environment. Sessions are 1 hour long. $65.00.


b179da28-bf2c-49a5-9a02-5d75f0e7285aJo-Ann Lemay has been practicing Reiki since 2013.  Led by a deep longing for spiritual fulfillment, the practice of Reiki found her at Santosha.  She diligently worked with clients and eventually achieved the level of Reiki Master.

Also known as “Twirly Girl” Jo-Ann brings her joy and enthusiasm to the Reiki table.  In addition to Reiki; Jo-Ann is an Amrit Yoga, and a Yoga Nidra instructor, musician, and song writer.

She looks forward helping you in your healing goals.

You may book an appointment with Jo-Ann here.

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