Free Nia Jam

With Kelly Fentonnia
January 11, 2013
6:00-7:00 pm

The Nia technique is a high-energy, expressive dance practice that combines elements of Modern, Jazz and Duncan dance; martial arts, and yoga. Nia engages body, mind and spirit to deliver a fantastic whole-body workout – sweaty, creative, rhythmic and FUN!

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Kelly Fenton

Kelly is a blue belt Nia instructor. She has been teaching classes in RI and VT for the past 6 years. Kelly shares her knowledge of Nia, yoga and meditation, as well as her love of movement, energetic spirit, and creativity in each class. By blending these elements she creates a truly unique experience. Believing that movement is key to living a joyous life, she invites all students to dance their way to health and happiness.


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