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Santosha Yoga Studio would not function without the support of our Seva staff.  These amazing human beings who volunteer their time for the studio and to deepen their Karma Yoga practice are the foundation on which our whole community rests.  It is because of their selfless service that the studio is clean, retail products are available, community outreach is accomplished, our office is organized, the plants happy and so much more…  With deep gratitude and joy we introduce you to Santosha’s Seva staff.

Jai Bhagwan,
Susan, Tara, and Beth
Owners/Directors Santosha Yoga Studio

Julie Hillman

When Julie was first introduced to Seva she was helping her family cope with her ill and Julie Hillmandying mother-in-law. She began her service with Anahata Yoga School by cleaning the studio after hours, often in the evening. It was during those quiet moments in the studio that she was able to reflect on life, her practice, and the decisions that her family would soon have to make. A few years later, as Santosha Yoga Studio was being born, she faced yet another roadblock in life; and it was her service to assist Santosha in their opening that kept her focused.

Because of her experiences, Julie believes that Seva has the power to bring more to the person performing the Seva duties than for those receiving from the Seva. When done with attention and an open heart, Seva is joyful work. It has become an extension of Julie’s yoga practice, therefore an extension of her spiritual life.

Over the years, Julie has assisted Santosha in housekeeping, retail, and special events, among other duties. Presently, Julie’s seva includes managing the retail store. She is the Team Leader with Millie’s Team for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (American Cancer Society), bringing her Seva out of the yoga studio and into the world to help others.

Bonnie Newman, Front Desk

Michelle Gering, Front Desk

Bonnie Lynn, Housekeeping

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