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“Now we have come to a stage where it is crucial for all of us to share in the continuation of the authentic values and timeless teachings of our lineage. With your help we can continue to expand our programs to all those that want to deepen their practice and become part of our lineage of light and love.”  ~Gurudev

Yes, I would like to help wherever it is needed the most:

It has been an exciting time at Santosha Yoga Studio. Our 1st Amrit Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training Program was a fabulous success.  We have been blessed with amazing new teachers who worked courageously to complete their training.  In June at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, Florida, Santosha Yoga Studio was honored by being officially designated an Amrit Yoga Affiliated Studio.

Our Workshops and classes have been well attended and our CommUnity is thriving.  We are using our space at Santosha for diverse events so that our CommUnity is offered a wide variety of yoga classes and spiritual/healing opportunities.  We Thank You for being a part of our family.

Our capacity to serve and to thrive is directly connected to your support. The gifts we receive from you bring our shared vision into reality.

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”  ~Maya Angelou
Yes, I would like to help wherever it is needed the most:


Thank you for your kind and loving contribution to Santosha Yoga Studio and its presence in our lives. May you receive the blessings that you share.

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