Level 1 Amrit Yoga Teacher Training

Begins January 9, 2013kamini-aytt
Uniqueness of this training

The ultimate intention of authentic yoga is the integration of all internal conflicts that create havoc with our health, personal and professional lives.

This program:

  • is designed for aspiring teachers, yoga practitioners from all traditions
  • reveals a spiritual inner depth of yoga, often unrecognized in popular practice today
  • allows you to extend your practice into subtler, unconscious stress patterns held in the physical, mental and emotional bodies
  • expands therapeutic impact and provides powerful tools for yoga therapists, healers and psychotherapists, as well as teachers
  • works directly through energetic channels that bypass the preprogrammed boundaries of the body and ego mind
“Amrit Yoga engages the wings of your body and your being, the physical form and the formless witness consciousness. The use of both wings empowers you to transcend the limits of your body and mind to explore and experience the non-physical, non-mental domain of spirit.” Gurudev

In Amrit Yoga, the body is the entry point to the hidden inner dimensions of spirit, your connection to the Zero Stress Zone .

Discover the true essence of yoga beyond the yoga mat.

Distinctive Features of the (I AM) Integrative Amrit Method ™

The Amrit Method combines a strong foundation of asana with inward focus and meditative awareness. The alternating impact of deliberate, dynamic postures and deeply absorbing silence and relaxation are hallmarks of the Amrit Method of Yoga that allow even a novice student to enter the deepest levels of relaxation, tranquility and stillness.

Amrit Yoga practice is guided from the very beginning with integrative intention, which plays a powerful role in restoring internal balance and harmony, allowing you to progressively move toward the Zero Stress Yoga Zone. Enter this mysterious, paradoxical state of presence where you experience dynamic stillness – meditation in motion.

You can only teach who you are… Transform yourself…. Transform the world

Training Tuition – $2,995.00

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Payment plans are available. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Program Dates:
Opening Session:  January 9 – 13
Weekend Sessions:  Jan 25 – 27, Feb 8 – 10, Feb 22 – 24, March 8 – 10, March 22 – 24
Closing Session:  April 17 – 21

Yogi Amrit DesaiYogi Amrit Desai (Gurudev)
An internationally recognized authority on yoga and holistic living, Yogi Desai began teaching yoga in 1960, making him one of the earliest pioneers of yoga in the West. The methodology he developed has evolved into the Amrit Method, which he continues to refine. Today, his approach is practiced by thousands around the world, with certified teachers in 37 countries. Yogi Desai’s teachings contain a powerful experiential component that creates profound shifts for those who are ready, receptive and open. He has integrated ancient wisdom into a practical methodology for dealing with the challenges of modern life.

Kamini Desai, PhD
Kamini developed the core program curriculum for the Amrit Yoga Institute and teaches across the country. Trained at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, with degrees from Smith College and La Salle University, Kamini is certified in contact partner yoga, yoga therapy, massage therapy, Danskinetics, and holistic health education. Kamini’s versatile body of teachings applies the principles of yoga to the challenges of everyday life. Her corporate clients have included Sony, Mars Candy Company, and the Department of Defense of the Netherlands.

Amrit Yoga Instructor

Jaya Jennifer Buckland
A student of the Amrit Method® of Yoga for the past 6 years, Jaya is a former addiction counselor and currently serves as a non-profit administrator. Jaya’s heart is in helping people meet themselves where they are, both in life and on the yoga mat. She brings a fine-tuned sensitivity, tenacious sense of humor and unwavering kindness to her teaching, creating a safe and loving environment where students can engage in deep personal exploration. Jaya’s passion is bringing the teachings of yoga to people who may not see themselves as typical yoga students through workshops like “Yoga for Large Bodies” and “Yoga for Addiction.”

Amrit Yoga Instructor

Jagdish Tom Buckland
A certified 500 hour Amrit Yoga instructor, an avid disciple of Yogi Amrit Desai, and student of asana and scripture. If you talk to him for long, you will discover that his heart resides in Nada Yoga. A musician and sound recording engineer, he has loved sound from early childhood. He was introduced to chanting through Bhagavan Das and has incorporated it into his practice.


Heather Indu Eilering
Owner, Santosha Yoga Studio, has been a disciple of Yogi Amrit Desai for over 8 years and feels a profound connection to the Lineage that Gurudev represents. Heather has been devoted to sharing the teachings of Amrit Yoga at Santosha Yoga Studio as well as out in the community. She has assisted in two Amrit Yoga Nidra Professional Trainings, one which was held at Santosha in 2010-2011. Her love of the practice of yoga not only shows through her teaching style, but also through her personal practice and life.


Melissa Nitya Walsh
Nitya is co-founder of Santosha Yoga Studio and has been a devoted disciple of Yoga Amrit Desai for a decade. She feels deeply connected to the Lineage of Masters that have brought the teachings of Amrit Yoga to where it is today. Her devotion to the practice is evident in her teaching in is reflected in her life. Nitya’s teaching strengths are grounded in a strong awareness of the physical anatomy of the body as well as a keen sensitivity to energy. She has a strong intuitive sense and brings a down-to-earth, fun and compassionate approach to her teaching.

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