Inward and Upward!

Inward FocusInward Focus Workshop/Yoga Class
Sunday, May 4th, 5:30-7:00 pm
$20 non-members
$5 members and staff

With the many sources of non-stop stimuli in our everyday lives, our senses can become completely overwhelmed. And our minds are busier than ever before! How do you get a break from all that? How can you stop being pulled off center and reconnect with your source? By practicing Inward Focus!

During this combined workshop and yoga class, you will learn to MANAGE YOUR MIND by withdrawing from the constant input of the five senses. This will help you deepen your ability to BE FULLY PRESENT – by redirecting your attention Inward and Upward!

Optional: Bring an eye pillow or an extra shirt to help withdraw the senses during the final guided meditation during shavasana.

For ALL levels!

Janie FronekJanie FronekMeet Janie Fronek: Janie is a certified Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 – Amrit Level I). She has been practicing Amrit yoga since 2002. Janie enjoys integrating everything she’s learned and sharing her experience. Her guiding intention is: Honor Your Inspiration!

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