Introduction to the Practice of Mah Boundlotus

Saturday, September 8th, 1-4 p.m.
With Sat Siri Kaurkundalini-yoga

For many years Sat Siri Kaur was attracted to the practice of Bound Lotus, but was daunted by the challenging difficulty of the posture. It seemed out of reach. The opportunity to study Bound Lotus under the guidance of Mahan Kirn Kaur was the answer to her longing. Over the last several years, through Mahan Kirn’s direct teaching and also through the use of her manual MahBound Lotus, Sat Siri Kaur has been studying the practice of Mah Boundlotus with Mahan Kirn Kaur. Last winter Sat Siri Kaur completed a 60-day Mah Boundlotus Sadhana. Her experience was deeply rewarding, encouraging her to continue her study and to make this a part of her personal sadhana.

Very few people can do the full advanced asana of Bound Lotus, but everyone can benefit by doing an appropriately modified version of this healing posture. Sat Siri Kaur is ready and eager to share with you what she has learned to date. She will bring to this workshop her experience of her own practice and the skills she has learned to date studying with Mahan Kirn. Sat Siri is in training to become a certified Mah Boundlotus teacher.

This workshop will introduce you to the practice of Bound Lotus through the guidance of Mahan Kirn Kaur’s Mah Boundlotus experience ( With appropriate warm-ups, modifications, and the individualized use of props, each person’s body can be guided in the process of moving toward Bound Lotus. In this workshop, we will view a video of Mahan Kirn to introduce us to the practice; we will be introduced to the Ray Man Shabad used in this practice; we will move through the appropriate stretching practices preceding entering the posture, and each student will receive individual guidance for the appropriate use of props for their own body and ability. We will experience a group practice of the posture and discuss the formation of an informal practice group — a Mahbound Lotus Club for the Rhode Island area.

Early registration is encouraged. So that enough copies can be ordered, please indicate if you would like to purchase a copy of Mahan Kirn’s manual, Mah Boundlotus.

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