Basics of Indian Cooking 101

Tuesday, April 10th, 5:45–8:45pmpalak_paneer
Taught by Radha

Held in North Providence
Address provided when you register


We will prepare a Traditional Indian meal together and then enjoy and share what we have made during a casual sit down dinner. This is an introduction to Indian Cooking including the basics of Indian cuisine as well as guidelines to offering Indian food in a traditional and devotional way. This involves observing some guidelines while cooking such as avoiding tasting food as you go along and waiting to eat until the meal has been offered to the Divine with Sanskrit prayers.

This class will also cover some basic kitchen safety and knife skills, basic Indian seasoning, how to set up and use a traditional Indian masala daba (spice “kit”), as well as introduction to the use of a pressure cooker – a time saving and valuable tool for busy health conscious yogis and yoginis.

We will make palaak paneer, a spinach and homemade cheese dish, South Indian style lemon rice, split mung dal & pineapple chutney.

***Sorry, this event is full.***

Radha Arena

Radha Arena is a passionate and devoted spiritual practitioner, nanny and chef. She has spent much of her life on a spiritual path, which has moved her gracefully towards many beautifully enriching experiences. Living at Kripalu over 20 years ago was an inspirational catalyst for her practice, which served to deeply motivate her to continue on the Path. Radha was the chef at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, FL before moving to the ISKCON Temple in Alachua, FL where the devotees of this Ancient Bhakti (devotional) tradition shared the secrets of Indian cooking.

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