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July 22-26, 2013
Level One – with Julie Motz, author of Hands of Life
COST: $900 (does NOT include room and board)

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Healing is an innate human skill, like language. It is something we have to grow into and learn but the ability to heal both ourselves and others is coded in our DNA. It was essential to the early survival of our species.

Today we assign the role of ‘healer” to specialists – medical and otherwise. But true, deep healing comes from bringing your whole self, not just your expertise, to the task of relieving and curing distress and disease. And this is something anyone with the desire and passion to effect positive change can be trained to do.

Julie’s teaching comes from her own surprising discovery of her ability to heal and from her success in bringing deep healing into unexpected arenas – from operating rooms and medical schools to inner city ghettos. As her healing journey continues and expands she wants to share what she knows with others who think this may be a path they want to follow or who are already on this path and want to go emotionally and physically deeper.

Julie will begin by showing you how to accurately diagnose the symptoms of imbalance and illness. Then she will demonstrate and have you practice the various paths to finding their root causes. Finally you will learn how to resolve and remove them. This is an adventure of the body and an exploration of the emotions. You will develop and strengthen your ability to connect with tissues, organs and cells and to open the flow of emotional energy that keeps the body and brain alive and healthy. This work is for both practiced healers who would like to continue to grow in their work and for non-professionals who feel drawn to access this all-too-neglected part of our human potential. Your goal can be healing others, healing yourself or both.

The training will also deal with emotional defenses, states of shock and Emotional Energy Types – the key to understanding how and why wounding occurs in relationships.

Here are the areas that will be addressed in Level One.

The Energy of Emotions – Emotions are the energies that fuel our lives.  Different tissues, fluids and parts of the cell vibrate at different energy frequencies which determine what emotions they carry and how they function. Blocked emotions caused by suppressed trauma interfere with the energy flows. This limits physical and mental activity and leads to self-injury and disease. Bringing the trauma and the emotions connected to them into consciousness restores movement and health.

Emotional Energetic Types – There are four emotionally based personality types – Perceivers, Responders, Comprehenders and Connectors. Each has emotional weaknesses and emotional strengths. Each has a specific style of emotional defense and goes into a specific kind of emotional shock. You will learn how to get through each type’s defense and help them come out of shock.

The Role of Sexual Energy in Healing – Sexual wounding is among the most deeply suppressed of all traumas. Because sexuality involves all our emotions, healing these wounds is often primary in the search for health.

Prenatal, Birth and Neonatal factors in disease and healing – Many difficult, apparently intractable problems we despair of healing have their origin in the earliest part of our lives. You will learn techniques of regression and repatterning to allow you to travel back to the womb and rewrite your earliest internal software.

Family Dynamics – Patterns of disease are often  inherited but not genetic. Looking at family structure as a disease factor requires creating the safety to see our families clearly – something a group coming together for healing can do.

States of Shock – We are often oblivious to shock in both ourselves and others. Developing a sensitivity to exactly when we “leave” consciousness (i.e., cut off an emotion) and go into shock gives us a powerful tool for healing. Monitoring the shift in energy from one tissue to another offers a path back to reality, presence and health.

The most important requirement for learning healing skills is the intense desire to be healed yourself. This training is NOT for people who feel they have completed their healing journey and want only to improve their techniques in dealing with patients. The more vulnerable you are prepared to be during the training the more you will learn and the greater will be the part of yourself available for healing others. It is not necessary to have done healing work before – only to feel drawn to it.

About Julie Motz
Energy healer Julie Motz has worked in surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, and Stanford University Hospital in California, among many across the country. She has been profiled on “Dateline,” CNN, The New York Times Magazine, New Age Journal, Ladies’ Home Journal, and more. She lives in Putnam County, New York, and the San Francisco Bay area.

You can also find out more about my healing work at http:// and more about emotional energy types at

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