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I AM Yoga Nidra Professional Training


with Senior Amrit Teacher Jaya Jennifer Buckland

Part 1 – Yoga Nidra Immersion, February 16 – 19

Part 2 – Yoga Nidra Professional Facilitator Training Certification, April 13 – 16

How would you like to feel free of frustrations about the past and worries about the future?  Imagine your life unfolding as you always wanted…

Day by day, you will see how old baggage and repetitive thinking patterns affect your life, health and wellbeing. With intention and the five tools of Yoga Nidra you will learn how to use this simple sleep-based meditation technique to profoundly heal and restore the body’s reserves and unburden your life. Create a body and brain with greater resilience to stress-producing situations. Boost the body’s healing potential, release chronic tension, pay off sleep debt and learn skills to master the demands of life. An excellent program to gain intuitive perspective into life transitions and challenges.

This training program is offered through the Amrit Yoga Institute; we are honored to present it in Rhode Island!

Immersion only, with Early Bird Discount:     $899

Certification only, with Early Bird Discount:  $899

Full Training with Early Bird Discount:           $1,500 (Early Bird Discount ends 1/16/18.)

PRESS HERE for more detailed information and/or to register for the training.

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I AM Yoga Advanced Training


with Chandrakant, senior Amrit teacher

  • Part 1 Immersion: July 11 – 15 & 18 – 22, 2018
  • Part 2 Certification: October 3 – 7 & 10 – 14, 2018

Immersion only, with Early Bird Discount: $1,100

Certification only, with Early Bird Discount: $1,100

Full training, with Early Bird Discount: $2,100

Pre-requisite: Posture of Consciousness Intensive or Amrit Yoga Level 1 Certification

Using the lens of correct knowledge and direct experience, this Immersion transforms yoga sadhana into a yogic way of life attuned to the energetic expression of the vital life force of prana. This advanced training enables you to “consciously-cross-over” from the willful practice of postures to a dynamic blend of willful postures and spontaneous movements prompted by the inner urgings of prana.

For more information, and/or to register for this training, go to the Amrit Yoga Institute website.

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