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Beginner Yoga Classesyoga3

  • Beginner Amrit Yoga
  • Beginner/Mixed Level Amrit Yoga
  • Amrit Yoga/Yoga Nidra
  • Pay-What-You-Can Amrit Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga

Gentler Classes

  • yoga2Gentle Yoga
  • Advanced Gentle Yoga
  • Yoga/Yoga Nidra
  • Pay-What-You-Can Yoga
  • Chi Time Qigong

Meditative Classes

  • Yoga/Yoga Nidra
  • Sunrise Yoga Nidra
  • Chi-Time Qigong
  • Amrit Meditation in Motion

Mixed Levels Yogayoga1

(some yoga experience suggested, but not required)

  • Amrit Yoga
  • Advanced Amrit Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Beginner/Mixed Level Amrit Yoga

Physically Oriented Yoga

  • Amrit Level 1 Sequence
  • Advanced Amrit Yoga

Weekly Schedule


9:30-10:45am Pay-What-You-Can Yoga Susan

It is our goal at Santosha to welcome everyone onto our community to join us in the practice of yoga, because we believe that a regular yoga practice of asanas (physical postures), pranayamas (breath work), and meditation (inner focus) can greatly benefit a person’s well-being.  Our goal for this class to help all students who show up to find self-acceptance and strength through the practice of yoga.

4:15-5:30pm Gentle Yoga  Parvati

This class was designed to bring attention to each part of one’s experience. Attention is given to the body, mind and spirit; as this attention grows healing can be discovered. This class incorporates asana (postures), pranayama (breath), and Ayurvedic principles. Modifications are provided as needed. Students of all levels are welcome.

5:45-7:15pm Amrit Yoga Sara

Amrit Yoga cultivates inward focus and meditative awareness while students experience postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayamas).  As with our Beginner Amrit Yoga classes, this class will help to balance mind, body, and spirit. We’ll use Energetic Extensions and Press Points to help us practice our observation of how Energy Follows Attention.  For the less experienced students, the class supports a growing understanding of the postures; for more experienced students, the class provides an opportunity to deepen one’s practice.

7:30-8:45pm Beginner Amrit Yoga Carly

Beginner Amrit Yoga introduces a series of postures along with the basic principles underlying the practice of Amrit Level 1 Yoga. This class allows time for students to learn the details of physical postures while maintaining an integrative intention — to balance mind, body, and spirit. We’ll use Energetic Extensions and Press Points to help us practice our observation of how Energy Follows Attention.  This is a great way for beginners to learn Amrit fundamentals! For more experienced students, the class provides an opportunity to build your container and deepen your understanding of Amrit Yoga — both on and off the mat.


7:00-7:45am  Sunrise Yoga Nidra Janie Ganga

Start your day with meditation! We’ll practice about 40 minutes of Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation technique. Amrit Yoga Nidra is one of the easiest ways to meditate. You just invite your body to be still and follow the instructions as best as you can! Usually we are in a reclined position, or it can be accommodated for seated practice. You don’t need special yoga clothes and you won’t get sweaty. Sunrise Yoga Nidra is the perfect way to start your day with meditation and still make it to work or your next activity on time. We finish up with some very gentle movements to help ease you back into your body and into your day. You’ll leave feeling both relaxed and energized!

5:45-7:15pm  Kundalini Yoga Sat Siri

Kundalini Yoga is a practice of innovative yoga techniques that prompts increased blood flow and healing energy to address a wide range of issues and challenges. While many of the same elements are combined, each class focuses on a specific healing technology to induce profound emotional and physical changes that produce particular results – such as increased immunity, mental clarity, or harmony. For this reason, each class is totally unique.  These classes offer extra support for students at all levels of familiarity with Kundalini Yoga.

7:30-8:45pm Amrit Meditation in Motion Kavita

This class is available to all levels of experience and will be adapted to the students’ abilities to explore their ‘Energetic Edge’ and ‘Inner Landscape’ as opposed to their physical edge.  The Conscious Crossover begins where the Posture of Consciousness (Amrit Level 1) leaves off. In the Posture of Consciousness you learn how to focus on sensation, and to observe how Energy follows Attention. Through building that relationship, you ultimately transition into observing that your Attention is now following Energy, creating an inverse relationship with your Self. The Conscious Crossover is a deliberate practice inviting you to explore this realm of experience within; a practice which ultimately leads to Meditation in Motion (Pranotthana).


6:00-7:15pm  Chi-Time Qigong Pat

Qigong [(chi kung) pronounced chee gung] is a self – healing health maintenance system of breath and meditational movements which originated in ancient China.  Qi is energy. Gong, means work, or the power to produce an effect. In Chi-Time Qigong, we will do gentle breathing and energy circulation techniques which are capable of improving health, preventing illness, and strengthening the body.  Qigong has been shown to reduce stress, help with depression, anxiety and hypertension. It has also been known to boost immunity, deepen sleep and ease muscle tension and headaches. With Chi-Time Qigong, you will access and feel the subtle life force energy of chi in and around your body for physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

7:30-8:45 pm Amrit Yoga/Yoga Nidra Janie

In this class for all levels (beginner to advanced), we combine the two major tools of Amrit Yoga: Asanas (postures) and Yoga Nidra (guided meditation in shavasana), As you move, breathe, and stretch, the flow of energy in your body will return to balance. Your mind will calm down and decompress. We seal in the benefits of yoga with deep relaxation in yoga nidra. All you need to do is lie down and follow the instructions. This ancient technique will melt away stress and heal you at all levels. No previous yoga experience is needed for this class.


9:30-10:45am Advanced Gentle Amrit Yoga Parvati

This class was designed to bring attention to each part of one’s experience. Attention is given to the body, mind and spirit; as this attention grows healing can be discovered. This class incorporates asana (postures), pranayama (breath), and Ayurvedic principles. Modifications are provided as needed. Although students of all levels are welcome, this class will build on what has already been practiced.

5:45-7:15pm Amrit Level I Sequence Jagdish

Amrit Level 1 Sequence provides an opportunity to practice a complete posture series. It is recommended for students familiar with Yoga basics and ready  to delve into a practice that is more physically and meditatively focused than would be found in our other Amrit classes.  If you aren’t sure about taking this class, ask one of your teachers.


6:15-7:30pm Pay-What-You-Can Yoga (4th Fridays) Katherine

Come join the Santosha community for a yoga class, by donation.  Sometimes this class will be taught by a rotation of Santosha’s teachers and friends, and especially by Katherine. It might consist of asanas (postures), Yoga Nidra, pranayama (breath  work), or perhaps a surprise combination! Bring your Self, an open heart and mind, and a willingness to share in our beautiful space. Open to all levels of experience.


8:30-10:00am Advanced Amrit Yoga Nitya

This energetic class builds on Beginner Amrit Yoga.  Join Nitya in a dynamic yoga class to  awaken your body and revive your spirit! In each class, Nitya shares the principles of Amrit yoga through breath and meditation techniques while incorporating these practices into physical asanas that can be at times both physically and mentally challenging. Students are encouraged to stay inwardly engaged throughout the practice, which provides an opportunity for a deepened connection to Source and also serves to strengthen and feed prana (energy) in the body. The intention is to open the body’s energy channels and experience the effects as they manifest in the moment, remaining present for all that arises, thereby creating a safe and therapeutic environment for deep healing.

10:45am-noon Beginner/Mixed Level Amrit Yoga  Parvati

Although this class is perfect for beginners, it’s really meant to be adaptable to the participants’ needs. This class is designed to suit the students who show up on any particular Saturday.  If you need help with Amrit Yoga fundamentals, this class is for you. If you’re familiar with Amrit basics, but want to deepen your work with certain asanas/postures, this class is for you too. All are welcome!


9:00-10:30am Kundalini Yoga April

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice that targets the nervous and glandular systems for healing and empowerment. Each class follows a basic structure – we will do a kriya, or set of exercises, followed by long deep relaxation and a meditation. Within this structure there is wide variation; some classes may be active, while others may be more meditative. Movement, concentration, mantra, mudra, and breathwork are all techniques that will be explored. The yoga meets you where you are, so this class is suitable for all levels – beginners and experienced yogis alike.


~Schedule is subject to change. Please check back frequently for updates.
~Upcoming Studio Closings: none currently scheduled
~Cancellation Policy: If a class or workshop is cancelled, there will be an announcement on our voice mail a minimum of two hours before the scheduled class. In addition, if there is a parking ban in Cranston, Santosha will be closed. You may also check our facebook page for cancellation information.

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