Where is Peace Hiding??


May 2012 Newsletter
by Heather Eilering

The key to Freedom is simple, when you truly want Freedom the door will swing wide open and the Light that appeared to always be in the distance will envelope you in it’s Love. This process is guaranteed to happen eventually because Divine Will dictates it, however, the when is totally up to you (that’s free will).

I want to explain to you a secret only those who have lived the Path know. We step onto the Spiritual Path initially because we want to feel better. Perhaps feeling better means serving in a soup kitchen, or changing jobs, or finding that perfect relationship, or healing an illness. We each have our own unique ideas about what feeling better means to us, different life circumstances and emotional responses to world around us. When we step on to that Path we begin to incorporate specific practices that we have been told will help us progress. As we continue to do the practices we have been given we begin to notice something, subtle at first but much more obvious as we continue to observe. We notice that feeling better is not really successful when changing the world around us, because eventually we notice, the world changes once again. An old illness is replaced by a new one, the relationship ends in divorce, the new job is just as much as a prison as the old. I think you know what I am talking about here.

It’s at this point that one can truly say “I don’t know” I don’t know what makes me feel good. That statement can then be a vehicle for depression and pain or for deep transformation. Those who truly want to feel better will ask the question “what does it mean to be at peace?” and then wait for the answer instead of once again trying to find it in the world. The one’s who truly want to feel better will hold in that question and wait in the silence because they have learned to trust enough in those that have gone ahead and assure us the answer is there. Once this process of being on the Path is held to, a new kind of peace naturally emerges. One that doesn’t leave when the illness returns, the partner leaves, the boss is cruel.

This peace becomes more and more available to the seeker, and this individual realizes they were but seeking for what was already there. It was simply a matter of being ready for that peace and truly wanting it. Are you ready for that peace? The answer is clear, if you are experiencing it right now, you are ready, if you are not experiencing it right now there is something in your life you value more than peace. If this is the case do not despair, join the rest of us separate one’s. This something that is of greater value than peace you will learn is not permanent because in time it will change. You will learn that true Peace is limitless in its Power and Love. Remember to be compassionate with yourself, we are all on the same path and when you are ready Love will embrace you in It’s arms and you will never want again.

In Loving Service,


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