We Honor the Light Within You

jai bhagwan

December 2007
By Kathleen LaRoche

“Once there was a snowman
Stood outside the door.
Thought he’d like to come inside
And run around the floor.

Thought he’d like to climb up
On that big white bed.
So he called the North Wind, ‘Help me now, I pray. I’m completely frozen, standing here all day.’ So the North Wind came along and blew him in the door, and now there was nothing left of him but a puddle on the floor!”

-Anonymous, A Child’s Book of Poems

Once in awhile, we want to be something different, to have a new experience or to change our circumstances. As our snowman found, some destinations are better left unexplored.

As you set your Intentions for the New Year, renew your practice of the Yamas and Nyamas in order to see and experience yourself more clearly and consciously. Practicing Swadhaya (self-study) and Satya (truthfulness) will refine your self-awareness so that you may choose wisely as each moment unfolds. Remember Tapas (inner fire) that clears away the “effort” from our sadhana to reveal a deep inner knowing.

We do not have to call for the help of the North Wind to reach our destinations, for the fire that we seek is already within us! And of course, remember Santosha (contentment) realizing that we are truly blessed with gratitude, joyfulness and acceptance!

“I am peace with myself, my life, and the world as it is.”

Joyful New Year,

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