The Truth is Hidden Within


June 2010
By Heather Eilering

There’s the ancient statement that says, “The Truth is Hidden Within.” So why do we look for truth outside ourselves, and why is it hidden in the first place? It seems as if the first question answers the second so let’s examine the second question to begin with.

The truth is hidden only because we seem to believe that we have to go to some outside source to discover it (what a better place to hide something but in plain sight). In search of the truth we go to Church, we go on pilgrimages to India, we go to workshops and classes, all these things can be helpful if you remember that it’s not the thing that matters what matters is the one experiencing the thing.  Anyone that tells you that you need their class or information to find the truth is unaware of truth themselves.  A true teacher will show you how to look within for the answers.  I believe the reference in the Bible is: learning how to fish instead of being given a full cooked meal.

Now you may be thinking I’m contradicting myself being the owner of a Yoga Studio as well as a Yoga teacher, but no contradiction necessary here.  Most of us learn from teachers.  The good teachers not only talk the talk, they practice the talk in order to demonstrate to their students how to practice it themselves.  The great teachers simply embody the Truth.  The not so good teachers talk the talk and teach you to depend on them instead of yourself.

Which seems easier to you?  To depend on an outside source that is not always available, or to discover the answers have always been right here?  Hopefully, the answer is obvious, so why does it seem so hard then to discover the answers, again, why does the Truth appear to be hidden?  There are a couple of layers to that answer.  The first is that we all have baggage.  We come into the world with karmic baggage and then we pick more up along the way.  Through our lifestyles, how we are raised and how we respond to how we are raised.  For most of us A + B = C, meaning someone cuts you off in traffic, you will have the same response 99% of the time.  For some of us that’s thinking a nasty thought or making a nasty gesture.  For others it’s thinking the perpetrator must be in a hurry and we compassionately give them permission for their actions (remember the Truth is True regardless if they were in a hurry or not).  Your response itself doesn’t matter, but the fact that you believe in your response, is why the truth is hidden.  You must let go of what you believe to be true in order to allow the Truth to be.

You already know the truth, right?  Someone cuts you off in traffic and your belief in that scenario is truth, that’s how we live our lives.  Yoga teaches us to discover our pre-made truths and instead of worshiping them to simply allow them to be while remaining open to something more, the Truth with a capital T.  Simply stated, the Truth is.  Love is Love, Light is Light and anything beyond that is simply a belief that things can be separate – not unified or Yoga.

How then do you discover the Truth that we’ve learned is within?  Optimally, right now let go of everything you believe and leave yourself an open vessel for Truth to Shine forevermore.  If it worked please give me a call I’d love to take a class with you.  If not, then you simply have to stick to your practice.  The more you practice the more easily you begin to discover that your practicing is proof that the Truth is within, who’s the one practicing?  Take your practice with you in everything you do, it’s not meant to stop once you step off the yoga mat.  Also find a class and teacher that you learn well from, and continue to practice with them.  But remember, to see if your practice is really helping you go inwards, challenge yourself to go to a teacher/class you have not melded well with: if you can learn just as much from that teacher/class you are well on your way to discovering that indeed “the Truth is hidden within.”

Jai Bhagwan (Salutations to the Light),

I want to take this opportunity to thank my teachers who have and still are teaching me how to fish, how to look within for what has always been there.

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