So Many Gods


October 2011
By Heather Eilering

Have you ever wondered why the different religions seem to support multiple Gods, when Yoga supports the state of Union – One? Hinduism has their Trinity: Brahma the creator, Vishnu the sustainer, Shiva the transformer; as well as hundreds of demigods.

Catholicism has their Trinity: God, Son, Holy Spirit. Islam has Allah and the Prophet Muhammad. If we are told there is only One, why are there so many different so called Gods? I’ve considered that question multiple times in my mind and have come up with many answers, however, this morning while washing my face, a very simple clear idea came to me.

Being the “good” spiritual practitioner that I am, I decided to inquire about the “spiritual” purpose of washing my face. It’s obvious from a human egoic perspective. I wash my face so that it is clean, so that it looks good, so that others will have a good impression of me, so that they will like and trust me. I wash my face because I want to take care of this body so I can live a long healthy life. But what does Spirit say about washing the face? Do you think Spirit cares about a healthy body or good appearances? Probably not, since Spirit isn’t limited to a physical form. Some of the greatest Spiritual teachers came from third world countries in a time where running water was not accessible and a bath a week was a luxury.

So, being the “good” yogi and A Course In Miracles practitioner that I am, I inquired about washing my face. The answer I received was unexpected… services to Vishnu the god of sustenance. Not to sustain the body because the body is important, but to express the energy of sustenance in and of itself. Not in services of separation but in services of sustenance of Life with a capital L. Washing my face from a single minded human perspective is serving something that will change in time which is ultimately fruitless because the body, my face will grow old and eventually cease to exist. We young people like to deny that fact, and as we age we do all we can to sustain as much youth in appearances as we can, but putting energy towards that form of sustenance is simply a waste of energy because eventually old age wins. Do you know why yogis maintain their youthful appearances for so long? I’ll clue you in, because they are training to not waste their energy.

I think we’re ready to revisit our original question now. Why do different religions have multiple gods? The answer, because we are coming from the perspective of an individual human being and we need something to relate to in order to learn from. We understand the purpose of sustaining from a human perspective. We build a house and care for it so we have a safe place to live. But, as we evolve as human beings we begin to understand the safety we previously rested with is not really safety at all. Ultimately the house will decay or be blown away by a hurricane. When this realization hits us from more than just an intellectual inquiry we ask the question “where does my safety lie?” Does it lies in the physical, which will ultimately change and cease to exist in its original form, or does it lie somewhere else? If somewhere else, where? At that point one has stepped upon the so called “spiritual path”. At that point the possibility of truly learning about any purpose in this world arises.

What’s the key to all of this? You!!! How do you learn? What do you relate to? What inspires you to grow? Are you willing to grow and learn? Of course most of us say yes to that last question, that’s why you are reading this newsletter right now and that’s why you attend yoga classes at Santosha. But ask yourself truly, who are you serving? Are you serving for the purpose of services itself or to achieve for your individual human self? If you are being honest you will say both. I’m in it to serve my individual self, and somewhere in there (a place I don’t normally access because I don’t know how) I’m in it to serve Spirit. You’re always both, because somewhere inside of you, a place you rarely consciously visit you are One, you are all of it. Now that you understand that what will you do? The answer is in the question…

This month at Santosha we have many workshops and classes designed to support you on your journey. The Chakra Healing Workshop this Saturday will help clear your energy channels so as to conserve your precious life energy. Practicing the Presence on Oct. 22nd is to help you discover your living dialog with Spirit. Healing Clinic this Friday to recharge you. Yoga Nidra and Reiki on the 4th Friday of October to help you make that connection to your higher self while recharging your system. And daily yoga classes to support you each step of the way.

As one of my teachers says, you are doing great! Not because of anything you are doing, but because of who you are.

See you soon!

In Loving Service,

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