Silence: A Tool for Transformation


September 2008
By Lori (Kavita) Richardson

It has been said that the spoken word has power to bring dreams into reality, to create the world as one envisions it. Dramatically illustrated by Goethe and (perhaps most widely recognized) in Genesis, the vibration of the spoken word, and the intention behind it, point to a consciousness and a quiet gathering of energy.

The mundanity of everyday life reduces our selectiveness as to what we choose to speak about. There is nothing wrong with discussing our day-to-day affairs and speaking about those things that have a seeming affect on how we choose to direct this life. At some point though, there is a recognition of the trivial and the not so trivial, and how much energy we choose (read as: lose) spent on that which is ultimately transient. Not only do we waste energy that way, but we often unconsciously put energy into negative situations we would never wish to participate in. Yet there we are!

Every religion and spiritual path has a tradition of time spent in silence. For in silence the trivial can be stripped away, and the mind smoothed of rippling distractions. In silence not only we can observe the manufacturing of the ego’s contorted designs, but we have the ability to recognize them for the decoy that they are: the frantic and pedantic flailing of the small self fearing its nullification against the backdrop of the higher Self. Yet those same fears are put to rest as one slips into the spaciousness of the interior quiet that the silent opportunity provides. In silence, we meet the true Self and experience the vastness of the inner Universe.

Simply put, silence gives the practitioner space to deepen his or her meditation practice, an opportunity to observe and commune with fellow travelers without having to react, and the sense that community can be supportive without having to create an impression, display a role or evidence an excuse for one’s self. In other words, one can simply BE.

The residual effect of a conscious practice of silence is that what one does choose to speak about has a higher level of intention, and a greater possibility of becoming reality.


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