Identity Crisis!


September, 2012
by Heather Indu Eilering

Who are you?  Take a moment and actually answer that question.  You can either write it down or just consider it in your mind…  Do you have your list?  Perhaps your list looks something like this: I am a 42 year old woman, mother, daughter, sister, program coordinator, with blond hair and green eyes.  I like dark roast coffee and sky diving…

Now my question to you, is that list really you?  According to Yoga, the answer is “No”.  You are not your body, the description of your body, nor the roles the physical body plays in this world; you are not your thoughts, ideas and judgments; you are not your emotions.  Do you know why?  Because all the things I just mentioned change.  Every seven years every cell in the body has been replaced with a new cell, life roles change; one day you are single and the next married, one moment you feel beautiful and the next ugly, one day your mind is sharp and clear but as you age memory loss begins.  So how can you exist if everything you mentioned on that list changes?

The “You” that you described is only temporary.  Not only that, it is completely based upon past learned concepts.  However, there is a “You” that is changeless.  This “You” is not affected by time, so past mistakes do not taint it’s purity and future events have no meaning.  Think of a world in which past mistakes do not haunt you…  Really consider that…  You would feel peace every moment of existence because there would be nothing haunting you from your past and no future expectations to live up to or eventually be disappointed by.

Were talking about a life without pain, without fear, without hate; a world with unconditional everlasting perfect harmony in which “You” partake fully.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  We’ll if you keep that attitude it’s certainly going to take a lot of time for you to eventually drop into this True Form.  Imagine that this perfectly harmonious way of Being is available to you now, this moment!  What would you give to find it?  I’ve got news for you, you must give all!  You must release everything in time that changes that is not “You” in order to be your true Identity.

Sounds kind of scary right?  Questions may arise: do I have to give all my money to the poor, must I live in a monastery and pray constantly…?  Please take a moment and fill your own fears in here because that will help with the process…  So, how does one release everything in time that changes?  It’s not a matter of giving up the things that change.  Remember they are constantly changing so really there is nothing to actually give up because what appeared to be solid and real one moment is gone the next.  All these concepts are based upon past learning, which doesn’t exist now anyway!  What “You”, as a seeming separate being must do, is release the power these changing things have over you.  The internal and external worlds are going to seem to throw a lot of obstacles your way.  Sometimes these obstacles will show up as darkness and sometimes as light.  Remember, it’s going to change so let it go.  That sad thought over your friend moving away from town is going to change to happiness over your new dog.  So let them both go because one day the dog will leave too.  You do not have to stop enjoying the good things in your life or give away physical forms, but you must release your attachments to the changing things of this world.  There your freedom from suffering rests.

This process of releasing the things that change seems scary at first because there seems to be no foundation to rest on once you let them go.  But think about something for a moment.  We’ve already seen that everything changes out of our control, therefore the seeming foundation of existence we live in is really an illusion!  But, if you learn to release the attachments to the things that change, the illusions in your life, soon you will begin to notice that your ability to release grows stronger, your ability to release becomes the foundation you have been secretly craving your entire life to this very moment!  From that foundation your true Self emerges in your own awareness.   A Self that does not change, is filled with unconditional Light and Love, and exists in perfect harmony.  Try it.  I dare you!  What do you have to lose?

In Loving Service,

Heather Indu Eilering

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