Finding Peace With Resolutions


January 2009
By Heather Eilering

Maslow said to change a person you must change their awareness about them self. When my teacher recited those words, I immediately knew they were important yet quickly forgot as I returned to my normal routine of daily living. It wasn’t until months later when I listened to a recording of the lecture that I felt safe enough to write them down, rather sloppily, on a sticky note, which I then posted on my computer.

Day after day I read that sticky note, unsure of how to integrate the quotes meaning into my life. As a healer, it’s my practice to change people’s awareness of themselves; but to what end? How can I, someone who is not yet completely healed, heal another? The same old doubt that prevented me from understanding the importance of Maslow’s words the first time I heard them set in. Yet, when I am teaching, I receive so much reinforcement from my students who express how my presence in their lives helps them to feel more peaceful. Their awareness about their self has expanded to include peace. So, what I take from these gifts that my students so compassionately give me is that the more I teach others, the more I am healed through recognizing the peace I am offering them: which means the more I give, the more I receive; the more I share my understanding about peace to others, my awareness about myself is changed from that of fear to peace.

As I write this I wonder how this is meaningful to you, the reader? The answer is profoundly simple and I’ve already stated it. Give that which you wish to receive. If you desire love, be loving; if you want peace, be peaceful; if you want compassion, be compassionate… Imagine you are holding a large piece of quartz in your hands. How can you receive the diamond if you don’t let go of the quartz? How can I expect to heal and be healed unless I give away the beautiful gems of healing I have already received? How can my awareness of myself as a limited separate being change unless I teach unity?

Think about the happiest people you know, personally or not. Don’t they seem to radiate their joy, their light? Or I could also use the word extend, they are peaceful and they extend their peace to those around them. They are joyful and they radiate that joy to all in their presence. Consider what this means in relationship to healing. All we need to do is extend peace in order to have it! Wow, what a perfectly beautiful and compassionate perception or way of being. Who was it that said, “Be the change you want to see in the word?” Ah, Ghandi, one of those people that comes to mind when considering a joyful, light filled being.

But how do you extend something you don’t believe you possess? You begin by giving what you do have. Let’s consider New Year’s resolutions. Do you want to loose weight, exercise more, make more money, spend more time with family…(feel free to add to or revise this list). What do you hope to accomplish by achieving your goal? Another person’s approval, your own personal approval, security, happiness…? Doesn’t having these things give you a feeling of peace? So, underneath all the externals lies the desire for peace. Now the only problem that remains is that you don’t feel you possess that peace now and you need to “fix” the external situation (achieving your New Year’s resolution) to have that peace. Yet, isn’t the concept of peace in your mind already in order to desire it? Doesn’t that mean you already possess it if it’s in your awareness? And haven’t we now learned in order to claim it we must extend it? Remember Ghandi? So, all you need to do in order to experience the peace you have already discovered is in your awareness is to peacefully extend its’ awareness to others. Be the change you want to see in the world and thus change your awareness about yourself. Just think how effortlessly World Peace world be achieved if we all practiced this!

Love, Light and Blessings,

Heather continues to extend the peace she desires through teaching Yoga & Yoga Nidra classes at Santosha Yoga Studio as well as her work in the local community. She has also created the program Tools For Transformation with the help of her business partner to better extend the beautiful gifts she has received.

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