Creating Change Through Intention


December 2008
By Kim Kies

The end of one breath is the beginning of the next. No matter how hard you try to resist the new breath, it eventually turns over the old in such a way that you can hardly detect where the end of the old and the beginning of the new emerges.

And yet, it is in that moment between the two where the choice is made to change. How you make that change is your choice. It can just take place without your direction, as a habitual reflex. Or, as you direct your attention to your senses, you can become more attuned to how and when to choose your action rather than habitually reacting to an environmental stimulus. You watch; you learn; you move in a different way; making a new choice; creating a new you; creating a new world.

What you watch will determine what you learn and how you will move and make choices in the world. What you pay attention to is directly associated with what you will create. With this in mind, what will you pay attention to for the last several weeks of 2008 as you prepare for 2009? Just like our breath, while we reminisce with the memories of the recent past, we also look forward, sometimes in an almost seamless way. We pay more attention to the area of our interest. Notice where your interest lies and where you are spending your attention. Notice how you are paying attention. Notice what you are learning.

Now, what would happen if you changed how you directed your attention? What would happen if you tapped to the various dimensions of yourself over the next several weeks so that you more evenly reflect with your intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual senses, rather than solely with your preferred dimension? In this way, you will be giving some attention to each area of your being, creating a more holistic view of “what is” in the moment, and “how you want to be” by listening to what each of your dimensions contributes.

Then, in order to reflect on how you might change, ask each of the dimensions: “What are you willing to surrender to?” Just as one breath must leave for another to emerge, personal change involves letting something go to create something new. So often people want to change, but are unwilling to let go of what is standing in the way of change, creating a sense of resistance. So, I ask: “What are you willing to surrender to?” When I invoke that term “surrender,” I’m referring to a richer, deeper, and more positive sense than normally used. To better understand the depth of this concept, reflect on these questions from Rob Brezsny:

  • Where in your life, could you enhance your soul power by giving up some of your ego drives?
  • How can you enhance your soul-power by becoming less egotistical?
  • Where in your life could you stop thinking you have everything figured out and start becoming more receptive to the mystery and intrigue of the unknown in the moment?
  • Are you willing to lose control a bit so that you can be touched more deeply by the people and the experiences that you encounter?
  • Can you summon the courage to explore the recesses of your own vulnerability and thereby enhance your sensitivity?
  • What would it be like to dive deep into humility and experience the freedom that comes with being truly humble?
  • What would it be like to take your self less seriously and not treat it like a struggle to get ahead, making yourself available for all sorts of pleasure that is happening and that you can experience if you just allow yourself to turn your attention to it?

So while engaging in your inner awareness practices, tapping into your intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual senses, over the next several weeks, one of your one of your abiding concerns is “What are you willing to surrender to in order to help your self create the change that you desire?” If you are sensing some resistance while reading this, or during your reflection times, consider this: “What if surrender is your path to power?” It will not lead to you giving up the richness of life, but just the opposite. Surrender will build your strength and lead you to its richness. Surrender is about dying to the old and allowing the new to emerge.

Are you willing to die a little to live a lot? I’m not referring to physical death in any way, but a metaphorical concept. Are you willing to die a little, in order to “LIVE” a lot? I’m talking about dying to old habits or old beliefs that no longer serve you. Are you willing to die to so-called pleasures that have grown stale to you? Let them die, let them wither away. Give them a funeral if that feels right. Honor the good that they did for you at one time. Die to the pursuits that distract you from your daring dreams. Die to the mediocre things that you do that lower your standards and cause you to not do your “best.” Die to the ho-hum activities that convince you to think that boredom is a natural part of life. Die to any ho-hum activities that bore you. If you die to the things that no longer serve you, you will experience a tremendous rebirth. Resurrection, revitalization, and renaissance will ring in everything that you do. It will be as if you were born into a new life. You will see with fresh eyes, you will breathe new air. You have an invitation to really concentrate in the next six weeks on creating intentional change through paying attention to what you can surrender to and what you can die to as you go into the New Year.

May you revel in joy, bliss, love, and peace this holiday season.

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