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February 2012
By Heather Eilering

We talk a lot about going to the Third Eye in yoga class but when was the last time you really considered what the 3rd eye is? Does it mean that Yogis are really mythical Greek creatures with an extra eye or is there some other mystical symbolic explanation here?

Yoga is a many thousand year old science. We can actually think of the ancient yogis as some of the original scientists on planet earth. Finally in the 21st century modern scientists are finding “proof” that what the ancient yogis discovered through their practice is actually true. Shocking I know! (I say that with a bit of sarcasm). The connection between the Third Eye and the Pituitary & Pineal glands is now obvious. You can explore the scientific side of yoga on your own.

Let me begin explaining what the 3rd eye is with a few words, but please do keep in mind that words are very limiting here, if you are really interested in exploring the 3rd eye or Ajna Chakra you will need to do yogic practices to unveil it’s secrets through personal experience.

When you look out at the world through your two eyes you’ll notice a separation between the observer (you using your eyes) and everything else. Everything else is made up of opposites, hot has cold to reference itself, up had down, dark has light, good has bad, male has female… you get the picture. In the world “out there” you could not understand what light is without having experienced darkness. We call this duality, two equal opposites.

Now imagine there being only one. We call that yoga or union. The third eye represents the vision of oneness. There is no happy that can only have been understood because you have experienced sadness. As one’s third eye begins to open that individual will begin to see the world through the vision of light, wisdom and love. What appeared to be separate is now seen as a whole.

Have you heard about the two angles sitting on each of your shoulders? One is the devil and the other comes from heaven. They each give you advice and you pick and choose which advice to follow. When you begin to connect with your third eye there is no good or bad advice, there is simply the Truth that will be given to you in a way you can work with meaningfully in your life. Do you want pizza or hamburgers for dinner? Go to the third eye and see what the answer is, maybe pasta!

It’s not that pizza or pasta is a better choice for you, what is important in this example is that you choose to ask a part of yourself that is unified, instead of deciding for yourself using your limited dualistic vision. The more you choose to connect with this unified vision the more you naturally align with this vision, remember energy follows attention.

Everyone initially experiences a third eye connection differently from a physical perspective(some verbally hear the answers they need, others see visions, still others receive a clear knowing) but one thing is certain. When you connect with the 3rd eye you will experience a vast peace and harmony that will extend through your whole world while you maintain the connection. Sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? Peace, harmony, clarity… And this is the type of peace that does not have an opposite, it’s One!

You’re probably now thinking “Sign me up! I want peace and harmony.” Excellent, you’ve taken the first step. Now it’s simply a matter of being willing to allow all the dualities in your life to rise to the surface and then release your attachment to them by focusing on a unified perspective (the Third Eye in this case) and having faith and trust in the process.

Both Amrit & Kundalini yoga practices are a great way to do this. The physical aspect of the practice will challenge you, thus bringing up all those dualities. Then after breathing with your body and mind in the posture, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to go straight to the third eye with your attention and release all those dualities to the oneness within you.

During our monthly Yoga Nidra this Thursday at 7pm we will explore this process of going to the third eye together. Thus giving you an opportunity to combine a bit of the knowledge you have gained here with experience.

In Loving Service,

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