A Vision For Santosha Yoga Studio


December 2010
By Heather Eilering

I like to think of Santosha as a tree. It began as a seed within the hearts and union of Melissa and Heather. In those first years, the Santosha tree began as a seed reaching to the light of the sun it sprouted to a seedling, taking in nutrients from the soil and energy from the sun then grew into a healthy youthful tree, a sapling, young and strong.

The trunk of our Santosha tree is the unity of all of us coming together and providing energy for growth. This energy is used to grow our young sapling. This energy shows up in forms such as maintaining the forest around the tree (taking care of the studio; providing tea to drink, warmth in the winter, light when it is dark), the energy extends outward as our practice moves the calm and strength of our yoga practice off the mat and into our lives and families; it shows up in the money for that maintenance, the money supporting our teachers who provide good yoga classes to maintain the spirit of the trunk; it shows up in the time taken by all to take care of the grounds and building the house which is our Santosha tree. Meditate, just for a breath or two, on the energy that flows in and out of our Santosha parking lot as we arrive and go, the inhalation and exhalation of our coming together in this energy: this energy spreads out beyond us in ways we cannot know!

The branches on our Santosha tree are our staff. These branches take the nutrients from the soil through the roots connected to the trunk and provide these nutrients for the leaves to grow and expand. The staff take the wisdom of the yoga tradition and perfect the practice to guide this wisdom to our students through the grace of our teaching and commitment.

We are all the leaves of our tree! The more leaves on the branches, the more students in our classes, the more light from the sun the tree as a whole can take in and transfer into energy for the tree. Just as each actual tree on our planet cleans and refreshes the air for our sustenance, so each student at Santosha, through their individual practice, clarifies and purifies the energy of our world. The more participating leaves Santosha has, as well as the more each individual leaf grows, the stronger the whole tree becomes. The better our world becomes.

We are all connected. The community is an integrated whole. Santosha is important to the community, and, to the world at large. The more light you bring with you into your everyday life, the more harmonious you become, the more harmonious the world becomes. World peace is simple when we each do our own part. Connecting to the state of unlimited peace in oneself makes the journey to outward world peace a joyful ride.

Each person is important. Each person sustains the tree. In order to support this Tree that is Santosha we have created a Membership Program. Help us grow into our full potential. We pledge to do our best to help you reach yours. Each of you is a dear part of this vision — the vision of the strength and longevity of a might oak, of a towering redwood, of a massive copper beech. Each of you is a part of the vision for a more peaceful existence here on this glorious planet.

Invest in yourself. Invest in Santosha. Become the oak, the redwood, the copper beech. Become peace. Become a Member.

Love, Light and Blessings,

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