Clinging, grasping and hoarding indicate poverty of Spirit.  Recognize the abundant nature of your life as it is now.  Release attachments to others, to ideas and plans, possessions, expectations, dreams.  Reduce clutter.  Let go of the fear that you won’t have enough.

Affirmation:  I am perfectly safe and taken care of.  I am a divine child of the universe.  I am one with all creation.

In Sanskrit “parigraha” means “to store or accumulate with strong attachment,”or “to cling firmly to.” The prefix ”a” means “not,” therefore aparigraha means “to firmly give up,” “not hoarding,”or “non-attachment.”

Aparigraha applies to our relationship to both our outer and inner worlds.  As we reflect on our lives in relation to aparigraha we notice the tendency to cling to objects, people, places, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and situations.

If we look deeply at our desire to cling or hoard,  we can see the origins of these tendencies. For example: We  may feel comfortable and safe with what we know and afraid of the unknown. Or we may falsely believe that our security is dependent on keeping what we have –  that there is not enough to go around.  We may feel so identified with our thoughts and beliefs that we do not want to let them go. We may feel strongly attracted to a person, or idea and that attraction creates fear and attachment.  By observing ourselves in relation to aparigraha we begin to see and feel the burden of our attachments.

“When we practice  aparigraha our mechanical mental and emotional habits are revealed to us in the light of consciousness providing us with the opportunity to let them go.”   -Gurudev

We must observe both our clinging and our motivation for clinging with non judgmental self observation.  Then aparigraha becomes a powerful tool for self inquiry and understanding.  A few years after birth, when an individual begins to distinguish between “yours” and “mine, “ the roots of attachment are planted.  Bapuji says, ”It is as difficult to move from attachment to non-attachment as it is to move from the earth to the sky. Non-attachment simply cannot be achieved in a single bound; only a gradual step-by step ascent is possible.”

In Amrit Yoga  the practice of aparigraha is applied to simplify our lives, to reduce clutter on all levels and to let go of expectations and other fear based attachments.  Our intention is to realize that the nature of the universe is abundant and that we are always safe and taken care of.

“Aparigraha means not clinging or holding onto that which we are not – our self concepts, belief systems, fears, and preprogrammed thinking, feeling, being and doing.” -Gurudev

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