Five Element Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of healing practices still in use today and is based on energy theories and philosophies over 3000 years old. Five Element is a very individualized system which allows for the reawaking of inner knowledge and functioning, and for healing of the BodyMindSpirit. When we align the qi we open up to healing, and provide the opportunity to regain healthful balance and to know ourselves more deeply.

After receiving treatments clients have reported improved stamina and vitality, ease or alleviation of symptoms, less time periods of illness and/or quicker recovery, increased understanding and management of their own health, positive changes in outlook, relationships, work life and enhanced overall well being.

Acupuncture applies ancient and modern techniques that use needles on the points of the twelve main and two extraordinary meridians (energy pathways). Acupuncture needle are made from very thin stainless steel, individuality packaged, sterile and used only once per point and patient.

JSarroSantoshaJo-Ann Sarro, D.Ac, Dipl.Ac, M.Ac is a licensed Doctor of Acupuncture. She received her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture from The Tai Sophia Institute (presently the Maryland University of Integrated Medicine) and has many years as a practitioner and business owner. Jo-Ann is excited to join the Santosha team, in addition to her practice in East Greenwich RI, and to work with each client to achieve rejuvenation, relaxation and their best health in BodyMindSpirit. Acupuncture allows for the reawakening of the self, and for fuller healthier functioning in BodyMindSpirit. “Your success and best health is truly my greatest joy.” -Jo-Ann

Appointments are available on Mondays from 9am to noon, or email Jo-Ann for other times:

1 hour session – $75

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