24 Hour Saptah Chant: A Meditation Event

Friday, April 6th, 8pm
$10 Minimum Suggested Donation

Join us for a Transformative experience like none other!
Open to ALL.

Friday night at 8pm, we will begin our Saptah experience with meditation and chanting. Saptah is a term that refers to the continuous chanting of the name of God, in this case Shiva (God of Transformation, the representation of Cosmic Consciousness). Therefore we will be chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya throughout the night. We will close the meditation at 8pm Saturday. Those who wish to join in later or leave earlier (after 9pm Friday) are welcome to do so; however there will be no disruption as doors will be locked during the first and last hours of the Saptah.

Throughout the experience, we will have blankets, pillows and chairs available as well as food and drink to support those that choose to partake in the whole experience (you are welcome to bring your own as well). There will be complete silence (other than the chant) throughout the entire time. During the event, you will be permitted to silently and mindfully get up, walk around, lie down, nap, stretch or do anything needed to maintain comfort.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to deepen your practice not only in terms of commitment to the practice, but also due to the “calling in” of the Divine energy of Shiva through the continuous chanting of the mantra. Amplified by our beautiful Santosha commUnity, the Transformative power of this intense practice is undeniable.

Please email Santosha with any questions or concerns you may have.

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